'This Is Us' Spoilers: Chrissy Metz Drops Major Clues Ahead Of The Thanksgiving Episode

Tiffany Bailey

This Is Us is one of the hottest new shows on television. The ratings have continued to climb, even after missing a week because of the election. With stars like Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz on the cast, it was basically a hit waiting to happen.

We are only a few episodes in and each week, the show leaves fans wanting more. The cliffhangers and shockers have given way to fan groups for the show and several Twitter accounts reacting to every single moment in real time. This Is Us is ready to give fans more than they bargained for in a lot of areas, including some disappointment in the characters they hold dear.

According to Us Weekly, Chrissy Metz spilled the beans about some upcoming This Is Us spoilers. These included some information on Toby and the sad fact that feelings about him may change. Metz didn't come out and say it, but she insinuated that he has a dark past he is trying to hide.

This Is Us fans learned he was married before and things didn't work out. Could there be more there that he didn't tell Kate? She knows he contemplated suicide and turned to food, but what other dark secrets could he be hiding?

As it was foreshadowed in a previous episode of This Is Us, William will die and Randall will be broken. With the news of Rebecca's knowledge of William and Chrissy Metz's hints, the Thanksgiving episode is going to be life-changing.

These issues are often overlooked in the real world, and Kate is bringing awareness to what life is like as an overweight woman in the world of dating. Her relationship with Toby is going to be tested, and it looks like things may not play out how This Is Us fans would expect. As things begin to unfold, expect the unexpected.

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