Brooke Mueller And Twin Sons No Longer Missing — Details On Why Police Were Looking For Charlie Sheen’s Ex

Brooke Mueller and her 7-year-old twin sons, Bob and Max, are currently safe after earlier reports that Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife had gone missing with their kids. TMZ reported early on Wednesday that Brooke had taken off with Sheen’s two sons and was somewhere in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. The ordeal started when Brooke allegedly showed up at a bar the night before with both young boys in tow. Brooke reportedly

The ordeal started when Brooke allegedly showed up at a bar the night before with both young boys in tow. Brooke reportedly tried to bum a cigarette from another bar patron before getting into an argument with the nanny. According to witnesses, police were called because of the fight between Brooke and the nanny but that they all had taken off before police arrived.

According to reports, Charlie Sheen’s twins with Brooke were also in the bar. At least Brooke was believed to be barefoot at the time, and her sons were described as being “disheveled. “

E! News reported that Brooke was spotted trying to check into the Skyline Inn Hotel around 4 a.m. but then checked out again around 6 a.m. A desk clerk at the hotel recounted that Brooke claimed three women had tried to rob her. She also said that both boys were with Brooke at check out and that both were crying. Despite trying to calm Mueller down, she was described as “frantic.”

It was at 6:30 a.m. that Brooke Mueller reportedly contacted police. At that point, they had not actually found Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife and were still looking for her.

While police searched the Salt Lake City area for Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen issued a statement to TMZ. Charlie said, “I’m just trying to get my kids home safe. I have no other details that relate to the ongoing event.”

People reported that Brooke Mueller and her twin sons Bob and Max are “fine” after police spent most of Tuesday night and the early hours of Wednesday searching for her. A source close to the family told People that “the boys are fine and with their nanny.”

“Brooke went off of her medications, the People source claims. “She is being treated for the issue now.”

Mueller is reportedly living in the area after checking herself into a Salt Lake City rehab center earlier in the year. She has remained in the area to receive further treatment through an outpatient program.

While witnesses told TMZ that she seemed “high as a kite” during an early morning encounter at a car wash, there is no proof that she has relapsed. Further, police reportedly talked to Brooke by phone and called off the search. Apparently, they don’t believe her children are in any danger, and she hasn’t broken any laws that would warrant a search. They are calling the police contact with Brooke Mueller nothing more than a wellness check at this point.

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife does have a history of drug abuse and run-ins with the law. After a 2011 arrest for cocaine possession and assault, Mueller checked herself into a long time, inpatient rehab facility. In 2013, the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services removed Bob and Max from Mueller’s care and placed them with Charlie Sheen’s other ex, Denise Richards.

It’s unclear if Brooke Mueller’s recent erratic behavior will cause her to return to inpatient rehab or if it will cause custody issues for Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife.

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