Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Share News That Excites And Delights Fans Of The Duggar Family

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo just made a big announcement, and it has Duggar fans celebrating.

Those with Duggar baby fever shouldn't get too excited: Jinger Duggar isn't pregnant yet. However, whenever the Counting On star is ready to share some baby news, now she can personally let the world know that she's expecting. According to Jessa Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger finally has her own social media accounts.

Jessa helped get the word out by revealing Jinger and Jeremy's Instagram handles. Jessa is followed by over 1.9 million Duggar fans, so her Instagram post about the couple's new accounts will help them gain followers fast. Jessa also warned fans not to be fooled by all the fake Jinger and Jeremy accounts out there.

"Look who just joined Instagram! Follow them now! @jingervuolo @jeremy_vuolo," Jessa wrote. "P.S. ALL other accounts in their names are FAKES. They have no secondary accounts."

On his Facebook page, Jeremy Vuolo revealed that he and Jinger also have Twitter accounts. Their handles are @Jeremy_Vuolo and @jingervuolo.

Jessa's Instagram followers couldn't be more thrilled that Jinger Duggar finally has her own Instagram account.

"YES! OMG I have waited so long for this day!" wrote one fan.

"Dreams do come true," another commented.

Some fans are speculating that Jinger joined Instagram because she's pregnant.

"Hmmm maybe a baby post soon?" one of Jessa's followers wrote.

"Babies coming soon!!!" commented another.

Others are expressing their hopes that Jinger Duggar will use Instagram to share photos of her stylish thrift store finds, and they're praying that the fashionista of the Duggar family will put together plenty of outfits that include pants.

"I just wanna see pants," one fan wrote.

"Finally we can see a Duggar girl wearing pants FIRST HAND," another commented.

As CafeMom reports, Jinger Duggar has broken her family's strict dress code a few times by wearing pants or shorts instead of skirts and dresses, and fans have had very strong reactions to her sartorial choices. However, for her first Instagram photo, she decided to share an image that won't spark a discussion about what she's wearing. It's a black and white photo that was taken during an after-church ice cream date with Jeremy Vuolo, and Jinger is only visible from the chest up.

Jinger Duggar's second Instagram post is a photo of the back of her wedding dress, and her third is a video of Jeremy Vuolo bringing her a cup of coffee while she takes a Bible study break. During a 2012 episode of 19 Kids and Counting, Jill Duggar said that Jinger's ideal husband would be "somebody that gives her coffee," as reported by Radar Online, so it looks like Jinger got exactly what she wanted.Jill and Jessa both joined Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook when they began courting their future husbands, so many fans assumed that Jinger would do the same soon after she and Jeremy announced that they were courting. However, Jinger did things differently. Instead of using social media to keep fans updated on her relationship with Jeremy in real time, she made them wait to watch it play out on Counting On.

It's possible that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar decided to change their rules about when their kids are allowed to get social media accounts after Josiah Duggar's failed courtship. Josiah created an Instagram account when he began courting Marjorie Jackson in 2015, and he filled it with photos of himself and the girl he thought he would marry. After his relationship with Marjorie fell apart, he was labeled "bitter" for deleting all images of his ex. Maybe the Duggars are trying to save their other adult kids from suffering similar pain and embarrassment by discouraging them from creating social media accounts until after they get married. As Entertainment Tonight reports, Joseph Duggar is courting and Joy-Anna Duggar is engaged, but neither of them have public social media accounts.

What do you think Jinger Duggar will share first, a photo of a baby bump or a picture of herself wearing pants? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]