‘Vanderpump Rules’ Brittany Cartwright And Katie Maloney Respond To Weight Criticism

Since the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 premiere episode aired last week, Brittany Cartwright and Katie Maloney have been hitting back at those who criticize their weight. On social media, both Brittany and Katie have been the subject of negative comments regarding their bodies. People have posted comments talking about how much weight the women have gained, with some questioning whether they’re actually pregnant. Despite the negativity and scrutiny, both women have continued to stand up for themselves. Brittany’s boyfriend and co-star, Jax Taylor, has been especially vocal about those who dare to criticize Brittany’s body.

On Monday, Katie, whose engagement to Tom Schwartz was featured on season 4 and whose impending marriage to Tom is a major story line this season, re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that called for people to stop the fat shaming.

When another viewer asked if Katie is pregnant or just overweight, Katie denied that she’s either. Katie maintained that she’s simply healthy.

The viewer didn’t back down. She replied that Katie has to admit that she’s gained a few pounds from when she filmed previous seasons. The viewer then said that it’s not a bad thing that Katie has gained weight since “hefty checks” rock. Katie was incredulous that someone would call her “hefty.” She pointed out that she wears a size 4 and she stands 5’9” tall.

The viewer wouldn’t believe Katie. She called “bulls**t” on Katie’s claim that she wears a size 4, stating that it happens only in her dreams. Other viewers chimed in to defend Katie. They told her that she looks great and that people need to stop making her feel bad just because she’s not stick-thin. Some people also pointed out that Los Angeles has unreasonable standards for what’s considered normal.


Viewers actually saw one of Katie Maloney’s co-stars talk negatively about her body on the Vanderpump Rules season 5 premiere episode. The episode showed Katie, Tom Schwartz, Jax Taylor, Scheana Shay, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute hanging out and sitting together at a magazine party. When James Kennedy and Lala Kent showed up, much to the dismay of the others, they made some disparaging comments. Lala commented that it seemed that the others let their bodies go.

“I can see that everybody here has not been working on their summer bodies.”

James honed in on Katie. He sarcastically asked her if she was pregnant and congratulated her on the pregnancy.

“Wait, are you pregnant? Oh my god, congratulations!”

As the Inquisitr reported, after that episode aired, Katie did an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish in which she said that James and Lala constantly call her fat.

On Monday night’s episode, James walked up to Katie during Lisa Vanderpump’s dog charity event and attempted to apologize to her.

“Um I just want to take a minute and say that I’m sorry…that was f**ked up.”

Katie wasn’t having it. She accused James of not being truly sorry and stated that she would be a fool to believe that he was.

“James, this is what you do. You act like an a**hole, then you come back and apologize. Then you walk away and you’re like, ‘Haha, that idiot fell for it.’ So why even bother? I haven’t done anything to you. I just think you’re a horrible person.”

In her confessional interview, Katie said that she’s not that dumb to fall for James’ act.

“How am I supposed to take this apology as genuine and heartfelt? Of course it’s not. I wasn’t born f**king yesterday.”

At the event, James continued to apologize to Katie.

“We have our differences but I wanted to say sorry for what I said. I take it back. I apologize.”

In his confessional interview, James Kennedy showed that he wasn’t being genuine at all and that he really does think that Katie Maloney’s fat.

“If I called you fat and didn’t really think it then why would I call you fat? Probably won’t say it again to your face. But do I still think it? Obviously. I said it!”

Brittany Cartwright has also lashed out at those who question her weight. A week ago, when someone left a comment on one of Brittany’s Instagram photos asking her if she’s pregnant, Brittany lashed out at the person for asking such a rude question.


“dechen_medford_: Are you pregnant?????

bncartwright@dechen_medford_: do you realize how rude you are? NO IM NOT PREGNANT! Are you!?”

Many other people left comments telling Brittany that she’s gorgeous and that people who try to make her think otherwise are just jealous and insecure.

Last week, Brittany told the “Internet trolls” to keep hiding behind their computer screens.

When a viewer responded to Brittany’s tweet to tell her that she’s gorgeous and to not listen to any of the sad, hateful people, Brittany thanked the viewer for the support.

Even Brittany’s boyfriend, Jax Taylor, has received comments about Brittany’s weight. Last week, he warned that he would block those who bully and body shame.

Jax was likely infuriated over some of the comments that people left on a photo that he posted of himself with Brittany at a press interview for Vanderpump Rules.

One person commented that Brittany took up the entire couch.

Another person said that Brittany looks plus-size.

Jax Taylor loves Brittany Cartwright’s body just as it is. When Jax posted a group photo three days ago that included Brittany, some viewers left comments calling Brittany fat. Jax agreed with a viewer who said that Brittany isn’t fat. Jax declared that Brittany has curves and that he loves every inch of them. He proclaimed her to be a woman who’s amazing in every way.


“lyssse: You are nowhere near fat@bncartwright

mrjaxtaylor: @lyssse my girl has curves and I love every inch of them!!! She’s a woman and amazing in every way!!”

Katie Maloney’s husband, Tom Schwartz, also responded to someone who left a supportive comment. The viewer, who apparently personally knows some of the cast members, wrote that everyone looked amazing at the event and that it’s sad that people are always trying to find something about them to insult just so that they can feel better about themselves. Tom thanked the person for the kind words.

“twschwa: @lucasallbright hey there thanks for the kind words! See you soon ey”

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