Kim Kardashian May Have A Surrogate: Chrissy Teigen Volunteers

For the past week the wires have been alive with the story that Kim Kardashian has expressed her fears about having a third baby and says she would seriously consider surrogacy. It seems that Kardashian’s doctors have warned her, that if she attempts to have a third child by natural means, she could face severe complications. According to the New York Daily News Kardashian developed preeclampsia while pregnant with her first child, North West. Kim then had placenta accreta, a condition where the placenta attaches too deep in the uterine wall, when she had induced labor at 34 weeks.

Kardashian had trouble conceiving her second child after multiple surgeries in the wake of North West’s birth. People magazine reports that Kim took the cameras along when she went to visit her doctor and a fertility expert on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim’s doctor warned her that it was possible that she could have the same pregnancy problems all over again, and added that it “could be more serious this time.” Kardashian was warned that she would be “taking a chance” and that there ” are situations where retained placenta could be life or death.”

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Kim sought a second opinion from a fertility expert who advised her that she would be at “high risk” through a third natural pregnancy and that surrogacy would be a good option.

“Using a surrogate is not an unreasonable option. If our goal is to grow your family like you want to, then a surrogate makes sense.”

Small wonder then that Kardashian seems set to seriously consider surrogacy as an option. Kim revealed that she had not thought surrogacy an option and said she would consider it carefully.

“If the two doctors, that I trust, have told me it wouldn’t be safe for me to get pregnant again, I have to listen to that. But because I don’t know anyone that has been a surrogate or used one, I didn’t really think about that as an option for me.”

It seems that Kardashian’s prayers for a suitable surrogate may have been answered. Access Hollywood reports that TV host and bestselling cookbook author Chrissy Teigen is ready to offer her services as a surrogate to Kardashian. Teigen was interviewed at a red carpet event and told reporter Scott Evans that she loved being pregnant and would be happy to be Kim’s surrogate.

“I would be [Kim Kardashian’s] surrogate in a second. I really enjoy the whole pregnancy thing, I loved it. yes I would do it in a second.”

Whilst Chrissy Teigen may be ready to step up to the plate, Kardashian revealed that she still has fears about the whole process. Kim is especially worried that she might not be able to form the same bond with a surrogate child as she has with her other children.

“I’m more worried, because I gave birth to two. There’s a sense in me that because I went through all that pain for these two babies and that I know we did this together.

“My bond with my kids is so strong. I think my biggest fear is that if I had a surrogate is, would I love them the same? That’s the main thing I keep thinking about.”

In a conversation with her mother Kim did see one huge plus side to using a surrogate. Kardashian suggested that she could have the baby and no-one would know. Kim suggested that she would be able to enjoy the child in privacy for a “good year before we told anyone.”

Doubtless many will see Kardashian’s comment on privacy as somewhat ironic given that the Kardashian family’s fortune, and Kim’s career, is based on exposing every facet of their lives to the media.

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