Luis D. Ortiz To Increase Net Worth With The Launch Of Happyholic?

Luis D. Ortiz announced earlier this year that he was planning on leaving real estate behind and quitting the hit show Million Dollar Listing: New York. Even though Luis had found tremendous success in the industry and was a huge reality star on an Emmy-nominated show, he just wasn't happy. Throughout the season, Luis really tried to find out why he wasn't happy in his situation. He tried dating and attempted to a team around him. But D. Ortiz realized that he was simply happier by following his heart, whether that means selling real-estate or traveling around Europe.

According to a new Facebook post, Luis D. Ortiz is now revealing that he has been working on a happiness project, where he wants to spread the word about how he has changed his own world to become a happier person. It's no secret that D. Ortiz has been working on a book about his life and his life perspective, and one can imagine that the book is indeed the first product in his new business venture.

Luis D. Ortiz announced that he was launching a brand new movement that he chose to call Happyholic. He shared the news via social media earlier this week and simply asked people for their email address. Many people commented on the fact that they were thrilled to be a part of his movement, and it sounds like they were psyched to get a bracelet as well. Luis announced that he was surprised that 25,000 people had signed up to his new website.

"After yesterday's launch of Happyholic we have received over 25,000 subscribers into this amazing movement. Before the launch I was highly optimistic about the message but slightly nervous about how it was going to be received. Specially because of how much it meant to me. But like I always say, when you're scared, that's the time to jump. Don't ever underestimate what you truly believe in. I'm humbled and excited by this moment. Thank you everyone for all your support. If you haven't signed up yet go to the link in my bio. Now I'm working very hard to make sure the first bracelets are ready by the end of the week. I love you all," Luis D. Ortiz revealed on Facebook in a lengthy post, sharing that he was nervous about the reception of his new idea.


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On the site, it does say that he accepts credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard, and he does reveal that November 19 is the day when people can pre-order his new product. It sounds like it may be his new book about happiness and his life. And while many people are thrilled to learn more about his new venture, some people were not pleased about joining something where they would be sold to.

"Movement for you to sell something? I'll pass lol," one person wrote to him on Twitter, but many people were thrilled about this new project for him.

Not much is known about Luis D. Ortiz's new venture. The website is rather plain and includes a definition of what he thinks happiness is all about. No word on whether Fredrik Eklund or Ryan Serhant will support him in this new venture, but they have confirmed that he has retired from real estate.

"A philosophy. An Attitude. A Choice," reads the website, sharing that Luis clearly sees happiness as a personal choice.

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz's new venture? Are you surprised that he's launching a movement about happiness and personal attitudes about living the best life possible?

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