Kristen Doute’s Relationship Labeled As Fake After ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Returns To Bravo

Kristen Doute seems to be doing well these days as she’s no longer working at SUR. In addition, Doute stopped dating James Kennedy, and she’s finally finding her place in a new world. Last year, Kristen met Brian Carter, and the two have been dating for about a year and a half. They have an apartment in Los Angeles, and Doute revealed that she loves being in a relationship where things are equal. In her previous relationship, Kristen would pay for everything, and James would treat her like a credit card. However, some people felt that her relationship was a bit fake as she had essentially cheated on Carter if Jax Taylor’s story was true.

According to a new tweet, Kristen Doute is now mocking the idea that her relationship with Brian is fake. On the Vanderpump Rules premiere, Jax told everyone who would listen about Kristen and Brittany Cartwright making out after a night of drinking, and he claims that Doute performed oral sex on his girlfriend.

Both girls denied it happened, but Kristen did admit that she doesn’t have a clear memory of what really happened, but she does deny performing oral sex on Brittany. And maybe it is the lack of regard for her relationship that has people questioning how real her romance really is.

“Kristen & Carters relationship seems so fake.. She would probably go running to Tom or James if they called #PumpRules,” one person wrote to Kristen after watching the second episode of Vanderpump Rules, to which Doute wrote back, “We totally have a fake apartment together, a fake dog, we fake kiss.. It’s all an illusion.”


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At least, Kristen Doute could make fun of the idea that her relationship is fake. She’s clearly very happy with Brian, and she’s even joked about getting married and having children with him. But it doesn’t sound like she wants to rush things, even though her Vanderpump Rules co-stars are getting married. Scheana Shay had her wedding last year, and Katie Maloney was married this summer.

And while Doute is happy in her relationship, viewers are already getting tired of the storyline after just two episodes. Jax can’t stop talking about how he was the victim in the situation, where Kristen and Brittany were drunk and making out. Kristen doesn’t deny a make-out session, but she does think that Jax only brought this up to make himself relevant for this season of the show. And without this storyline, he doesn’t have much to offer the show except a brand new apartment.

“I was hammered and we smooched 6 MONTHS before we filmed this. Jax had to dig into the archives for this drama,” Kristen Doute revealed about the storyline for the first two episodes, where Jax kept talking about how Kristen had performed oral sex on Brittany Cartwright after a night of drinking and partying, to which one person replied, “Jax just can’t stand that everyone thinks Brittany is too good for him so tries to make her look bad. Typical asshole Jax.”

“Is the storyline for this season of Vanderpump Rules REALLY about the truth of Kristen Doute going down on Jax’s girlfriend,” one person asked Doute, who replied, “Hellll no. This summer was about Katie/Tom getting married and the road we all went down before the “I do’s”!”

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s joke that her relationship is fake? How do you think she has grown up over the years while filming Vanderpump Rules?

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