'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans Disses Mother On Twitter, Claims She Only Cares About 'Fame' And 'Drama'

Jenelle Evans is furious with her mother for allegedly putting fame before their family.

On Twitter earlier this week, the Teen Mom 2 star noticed a tweet referencing her mother's recent trip to Los Angeles to film an after show with the mother of Farrah Abraham, Debra Danielson, and Jenelle quickly revealed her thoughts about her mom.

"Two moms that only care about fame and starting drama. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat," Jenelle Evans wrote as she quoted the Starcasm tweet.

After Jenelle Evans' post had been shared, she was faced with a major backlash from fans who pointed out that Barbara Evans is the one that's been raising her seven-year-old son Jace since shortly after his birth. One woman even pointed out that Evans is "constantly degrading" her mother and noted that Jace would have allegedly been taken by Child Protective Services if it wasn't for her intervening years ago and agreeing to take custody of the boy.

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"If you ever want to get Jace back, you really should stop putting down the person that had raised him," one person wrote.

"She's been raising your child for 8 years! If it wasn't for her, Jace would have been lost in the system years ago," added another.

Some fans even blasted Jenelle Evans for not paying child support, but according to the Teen Mom 2 star, her mother canceled her request for support and told the system she didn't need the assistance.

As the tweets continued, Jenelle Evans was faced with a fan who pointed out that her mother "earned her spot on the show."

In response, Jenelle Evans told the woman, "I signed up for this not her."

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During an interview last month, Jenelle Evans opened up about her life as a mother of three and her ongoing custody battle with Barbara.

"It's pretty hectic!" she told E! News. "I get a lot of help [from fiance] David [Eason] though. Having a 3-year-old and a newborn at the same time is the hardest part... Life is pretty complicated at the moment, but I love it and wouldn't trade my role as 'mom.'"

Jenelle Evans isthe mom to two sons, Jace and Kaiser, and she welcomed a third child, daughter Ensley, earlier this year with her current partner, David Eason. Her older children's fathers are Andrew Lewis and Nathan Griffith, respectively.

"I make sure that I get Jace every weekend and have Kaiser every other weekend," she explained of her custody situation. "During that time, [Jace] is constantly around all the kids and family until he goes back to my mom's on Sunday nights. I have also been trying to take family photos lately of everyone together. I don't want anyone to feel excluded from our family."

As for her custody battle with Barbara, Jenelle Evans is due back in court this month and hopes to regain custody of her oldest son. That said, she claimed Jace doesn't have a side when it comes to her war with her mom.

"He loves me and my mother equally and that will never change," she told E! News. "I'm ok with that, too. I tell Jace and explain that me and my mom try to get along, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. I don't argue or even raise my voice in front of him anymore. If she makes me frustrated, I'll simply hang up—no need for all of that extra stress."

Jenelle Evans and her family, including her mother Barbara, are expected to return to MTV later this year for Teen Mom 2 Season 8.

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