Hulk Hogan Loses Sex Tape Battle With Gawker [Report]

Hulk Hogan’s restraining order against the website Gawker over the publication of a portion of his sex tape has been denied by a Florida court.

RadarOnline reports that Hogan filed the claim on Monday at the Middle District of Florida Tampa Division, and that it was denied without argument. There will be a preliminary hearing on November 8, where both sides will have a chance to argue their case, but the gossip site reports that the courts aren’t likely to show mercy on Hogan.

“You can’t expect the court to be very sympathetic to Hulk’s argument given the circumstances,” their source said.

Hogan’s temporary restraining order filed against the site would have forced them to take down the clip, had it been approved by a judge. The former wrestler has vowed lawsuits and other legal actions against anyone who dares publish his sex tape in part or in its entirety.

Unfortunately for Hogan, the defeat of his restraining order against Gawker suggests that the publication of his sex tape might be a lickin’ he’ll be forced to take.

Furthermore, Hogan’s surprise at the recording and release of the sex tape shot with best friend Bubba the Love Sponge’s estranged wife Heather Clem has been called into question recently. Insiders claim that Hogan has been well-aware of the tape’s existence for some time, and that he even had an opportunity to prevent it from being leaked last year.

“Hulk acting all shocked at the release of the tape is crap,” the insider says. “The tape was first shopped about three years ago, and Hulk was initially blindsided by it. But he’s been fully aware this whole time that it’s out there.”

Additionally, while some media outlets still suspect that Bubba himself had a hand in the tape’s release, many reports put one of Bubba’s former employees as the source. Bubba had apparently made a habit of filming his wife having sex and showing the clips to his workers.