Mark Wahlberg’s Journey From ‘Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch’ To A Hard-Hitting Film On The Boston Marathon Terror Attacks

Mark Wahlberg is not at all worried about stardom. The Planet of the Apes actor has no interest in the glitter of Hollywood; he simply wants to give his absolute best, regardless of which role he’s playing. According to the Guardian, the talented actor revealed that all he wants is to retire knowing that he’ll be on the receiving end of love from fans and family members.

“I live in a big house; I drive a fancy car. But I still feel like I’m gonna end up where I came from and as long as I can go there with my head held high and I’m welcomed back with open arms.”

Mark Wahlberg was a troubled teenager who tried to cope with anger and drug addiction.

mark wahlberg as a teenager????

— Alexis Soto (@alexis_soto5) April 11, 2014

In fact, he spent time in a correctional facility for attacking a Vietnamese man. The petition against Wahlberg was open until 2014 when the actor himself appealed for a pardon, after which he was finally pardoned of all charges. The petition was later withdrawn.

Despite being a teenage delinquent, Mark Wahlberg was able to turn his life around by achieving success in show business. Often criticized for his angry outbursts, the versatile actor has won critical acclaim for his performances in movies from vastly different genres. Before appearing in action movies, comedy films, and compelling dramas, he ventured into the domain of hip-hop music by forming Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, a hip-hop band whose 1991 hit song “Good Vibrations” topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts.

As an actor, Mark Wahlberg has done justice to every role he’s played, because he doesn’t believe in waiting for a particular role to turn up. Wahlberg’s journey to Hollywood was depicted in Entourage, a 2004 television program that highlighted his struggle to achieve success in the film industry. The Independent reports that the Shooter actor, who was also the show’s executive producer, admitted that his Hollywood struggle was much worse than depicted on the show.

“It was my early days, and it was loosely based – the things that we got up to and got into were far crazier. We don’t know if there was a statute of limitations on those things that we did.”

Mark Wahlberg believes it is teamwork that makes a successful movie, not the individual contribution of a particular Hollywood star. Deepwater Horizons and Lone Survivor are two of Wahlberg’s recent films, and both of these films suggest that Wahlberg is an actor who not only plays his own character to perfection but complements his co-stars as well.

The actor will soon star in a drama film called Patriots Day, which is directed by Peter Berg, the American filmmaker who directed Wahlberg in Deepwater Horizons and Lone Survivor. The movie is based on Boston Strong, Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge’s book about how Boston city’s never-say-die spirit enabled it to limp back to normal life following a terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon.

In the terrorist attack, two pressure-cooker bombs were detonated, killing three civilians and injuring 264 people. Following the attack, the city’s entire law enforcement team engaged in a manhunt that led to the killing of one terrorist and the arrest of another.

According to Time magazine, Peter Berg spoke of the incidents that motivated him to work on Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming movie.

“The courage and stories of the survivors, first responders and other organizations who stepped up that morning and every day since are the inspiration for this film.”

Finally, Mark Wahlberg posted a heartfelt message to servicemen and women on Veterans Day while also acknowledging the hardships that their families are put through.

Patriot’s Day is set for release on December 21, 2016.

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