UFO Disclosure: 'Aliens And UFOs Are Real,' Former Chinese Government Official Confirms [Video]

A former Chinese government official caused a stir in the UFO disclosure community recently when he appeared to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence during a recent disclosure hearing. The former Chinese diplomat also claimed that governments have evidence that proves alien beings in UFOs have been visiting Earth.

Speaking at a recent UFO disclosure summit where he discussed questions about the existence of extraterrestrial life, Shi-Li Sun, a respected former senior Chinese diplomat, now President of the World Chinese UFO Federation, said that reliable evidence from research and official government sources prove that aliens exist and that they have been visiting Earth for years.

"After years of research, a large number of Chinese UFO scholars, including myself, are convinced of the authenticity of UFOs and the existence of UFOs and aliens," he announced before a panel consisting of six former members of the U.S. Congress at a recent Citizen Hearing on Disclosure organized by Stephen Bassett's Paradigm Research Group (PRG).

"I have also written articles that have appeared in China's encyclopaedia, which is a very prestigious encyclopaedia that was edited by Shen Shituan, a famous scientist in my country," he added, according to Express.

UFO stored in secret hangar
UFO stored in a secret hangar at Area 51 [Image by Esteban de Armas/Shutterstock]

Shituan is a top Chinese rocket scientist and former president of the Beijing Aerospace University, who believes that UFO sighting reports need to be taken seriously and investigated closely.

"Some of these sightings are real, some are fake and with others it's unclear," Shituan reportedly said. "All these phenomena are worth researching."

UFO flying saucer in a secret hangar
A UFO stored in a secret hangar [Image by Digital Storm/Shutterstock]

Shi-Li Sun had previously stated that extraterrestrial beings live among humans on Earth, the website Alien UFO Sightings reports.

According to the UFO researcher, aliens live among humans at different levels of the social strata. Some are blue collar workers, but others are corporate executives and top government officials.

We are not able to identify them because they are disguised as humans.

Shi-Li Sun is only one of several top government officials worldwide who have come forward to testify that scientific research and official sources have information proving the existence of alien UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors.

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of National Defense, is one of the most senior former government officials to have volunteered stunning alien and UFO disclosure statements.

Hellyer made headlines after he claimed a few years back that several alien species have contacted governments, including the U.S. and Russian governments, but that the governments were covering up the truth.

The Inquisitr reported last July that at the Alien Cosmic Expo's Hearing on ET Disclosure held on June 25, in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, Hellyer revealed for the first time that he was once called to listen to a stunning deathbed confession by a former Canadian chief of emergency measures.

The unnamed official told Hellyer that during a visit to the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, several years ago, CIA officials asked him if he would like to inspect an alien spacecraft.

Senior officials flew him to the USAF top-secret Area 51 facility in the Nevada Desert and allowed him to enter an alien craft stored inside a secret hangar at the military base.
According to Hellyer, before the CIA allowed the Canadian official to see the alien spacecraft, he was asked to "sign an oath of secrecy" that he would not talk about his experience at Area 51. The dying official said he did not tell anyone what he saw, not even his wife.

"I guess, presumably, [that he was allowed to see the alien spacecraft at Area 51 so that he would be able to] cope with it if one crashed here [in Canada]," Hellyer concluded.

[Featured Image by Esteban de Armas/Shutterstock]