Teresa Giudice Net Worth Challenged By Chris Laurita: Did He Turn Her In Years Ago?

Teresa Giudice made an accusation during the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion that shocked both Andy Cohen and the viewers. Teresa was convinced that Jacqueline Laurita and perhaps her husband played a role in the IRS finding out about their fraud scheme. Even though Teresa claims that it was the lawyers who set them up, she’s convinced that some of her former co-stars didn’t have her back. Giudice claims that she and her husband didn’t knowingly run a fraud scheme and she told Andy during the reunion that she wanted all of the lawyers to go to prison – not just her and her husband.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice is now revealing that she’s convinced that Jacqueline and her husband, Chris Laurita, may have meddled in her personal business. While Giudice made it clear that she doesn’t think that Jacqueline picked up the phone and called the IRS, she is convinced that Jacqueline and her husband hung out with people who wanted to bring her down. And now, their friendship is beyond repair.

“My relationship with Jacqueline? For me, at one point, it was very real. I considered Jacqueline one of my very best girlfriends. Anyone who has watched the show knows that Jacqueline and I had a lot of laughs together as Lucy and Ethel,” Teresa Giudice explains in her blog for Bravo, sharing, “But when the relationship went from being REAL to being part of some Housewives game that she was playing, where she actually set out to hurt my family, that’s when and where it ended for me.”

During the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, Teresa Giudice was questioned by Chris Laurita in regards to her own legal problems. He clearly wanted her to make sense of her own legal problems, clearly questioning her net worth and how she couldn’t see something was wrong. While Teresa may have not have had all of the answers at that time, Giudice is now opening up in her blog about Chris. She’s questioning why Chris was hanging around certain people who wanted to bring her down. In other words, Teresa feels that Laurita was playing with the enemy.


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“Think about this: Why was Chris talking to people that were trying to destroy my family? Why would he be involved with someone like that if he was friends with us? Why was Jacqueline so concerned about me not wanting a relationship with my cousins? That’s my family, not hers, so why does she care so much? Why try as hard as she did at the reunion to come between Melissa and I?” Teresa Giudice questions in her blog for Bravo, sharing that Chris and Jacqueline care way too much about her personal finances, writing, “This is someone who cares waaaay too much about what’s going on, in and around my life and instead should focus more on what’s going on in her own.”

Of course, Giudice has repeatedly brought up Jacqueline’s own financial issues. Giudice filed for personal bankruptcy a few years ago, sharing that she owed over $11 million. Laurita also has a bankruptcy in her past, but she claims it was different than Teresa’s because this was a professional business-related bankruptcy. In both cases, it was a mishandling of money. While Jacqueline is very vocal about Teresa’s case being worse than her own, it does seem odd that her husband would hang around people who would want to destroy Giudice’s family. At least, this is what Teresa strongly believes.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s comments about Chris Laurita? Do you think Chris had something to do with the IRS learning about their legal issues? Do you think he would do this considering him and Joe Giudice were indeed close friends?

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