November 18, 2016
'Deadliest Catch' Star Jake Harris Beaten -- Police Arrest Couple That Robbed, Beat Him And Left Him For Dead

Deadliest Catch fans all over the world have been shocked at the recent news that the youngest son of the late, beloved Captain Phil Harris, Jake, was beaten and left for dead. Jake is now doing better and he has given the police all of details of the events that occurred leading up to this horrific assault and the latest news is that the police have arrested two people. What is the newest information on this horrible assault on this former Discovery Channel star?

KREM2 reported that Jake Harris had met a man and his girlfriend and another female friend on Friday. They all decided to meet up the next day at the Quil Ceda Creek Casino located near Marysville, north of Seattle, Washington.

Apparently, the went the casino and afterward, Jake got a ride home from the man and his girlfriend. According to Harris, the car made a stop and then the man sat behind him and assaulted the 33-year-old as the car, presumably driven by the female, continued to drive. They then dumped him on the side of the road, having robbed and beaten him.

Thankfully, a driver saw a man shoved out of a moving car in front of them and stopped and found Jake Harris beaten on the side of the Everett, Washington highway. Members of the Everett Police Department arrived on the scene and recommended that he go to the hospital, but Harris chose not to go, so instead, the officers drove Harris home to his Lake Stevens home, where he resides with his girlfriend. Seeing how serious this situation was, his girlfriend promptly took Jake to the Providence Regional Medical Center Everett-Colby Campus. His head injuries were so serious he was immediately admitted to ICU.

Because Harris could barely talk to give anyone details of this incident, his older brother, Captain Josh Harris, took to social media to tell fans what happened to Josh and to try to find the couple who assaulted him. When Harris began to feel better, he was able to give "good description" of the couple to the police. They are the very couple that Josh Harris spoke of on Facebook and who he was so desperate to find.

The latest news is that the couple responsible for this horrific crime have been arrested in Spokane, Washington. Today, they will face first-degree robbery and first-degree assault charges. The police advise that they will not release names and images until formal charges are made, although Josh Harris has already done so on social media. No detailed information has been revealed on whether they could face jail time and potentially how long they could be in prison if convicted of these charges.

The police have also indicated that this case is still under investigation. Josh Harris had mentioned on Facebook that this couple has done this sort of assault and robbery many times. The police may be interviewing other victims to build a stronger case.

KREM2 also reported that Harris was robbed of $2,400 of cash in his wallet. As with the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery, this horrific incident may be a good warning for anyone that may be high profile figures that they are targets for theft. The son of Captain Phil Harris is known worldwide, and knowledge of his material wealth is easily available. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Harris is worth about $500,000 dollars, certainly a wealthy target for dangerous thieves.

Recently Inquisitr reported that Josh Harris announced that the Discovery Channel will not be bringing him back to the Deadliest Catch.

Have you been following the story of the beating of Jake Harris? Did you follow him on the Deadliest Catch from back in the days on the Cornelia Marie, when his father, the late Captain Phil Harris was captain of the ship?

[Featured Image by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images]