Alisan Porter: 'The Voice' Winner Reveals Why She Rejected Major Record Label

The Voice winner Alisan Porter is forging her own path and rejecting the major studio on which she was originally signed. The singer, who won Season 10 of The Voice, has a new single called "Deep Water" that's 100 percent authentically Alisan Porter.

Alisan came back to The Voice for Tuesday night's results show where she performed "Deep Water," her first single since winning The Voice last May. The song is an emotional ballad on which she displays her trademark powerful pipes, with help from a soaring choir.

Alisan chose to go in a different direction following her Voice win. The 35-year-old mother of two was originally signed to Republic Records, the label most Voice winners are signed with after winning. Alisan wasn't entirely happy with the initial results and decided to part ways with the company, as she explains in a new interview with People.

"It just wasn't the right fit for me. I have a really clear vision of who I am, and it might not be the most cookie-cutter commercial radio [vision].. I would much rather be true to myself than to do something that didn't feel right for me. But I'm grateful for the experience of that because it led me to what I know that I want to put out there. It was all positive!"
Alisan Porter performs
Alisan Porter performs "Deep Water" on 'The Voice' [Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]

She put out "Deep Water" through the independent Moon Child Music, and the song will be part of her EP this summer called I Come in Pieces. No release date has been announced as of yet. "Deep Water" is currently available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, with streaming available through Apple Music and Spotify.

I Come in Pieces will feature every element Alisan displayed through Season 10 of The Voice. The singer told People that she is showing her rock star side, her country-folk side, and her ballad side on the EP.

"Everything has a super emotional message or a powerful message. I didn't want to create anything or to be a part of anything that wasn't super authentically me. I've been a songwriter for a long time, and I definitely was ready to write the best songs of my life and not sing other people's songs at this particular moment because I felt like I had such a story and such a message and so much to talk about."
Alisan also maintains strong relationships with her Voice coach, Christina Aguilera, and her close friend and fellow singing competition veteran, Adam Lambert. The Voice winner shed light to Access Hollywood on having friendships with such inspiring fellow musicians.

"We bond on so many different levels and I've loved getting to know her as a person," Alisan said, of Christina. "She's such a down-to-earth, real, cool person, such an incredible artist and I know she's working diligently on her new project which is mind-blowing."

As for Adam Lambert, Alisan said they wrote a duet together which may or may not be on I Come in Pieces. She said they are always collaborating together, whether it be performing, writing or just bonding. She also noted that Adam, too, has been a support system for her, even as she was a contestant on The Voice.

What were some of Adam's key nuggets of advice?

"'Get your hair out of your face!'" Alisan recalled him telling her. "Things like that, he's like my Jewish mother."

On a more serious note, Alisan said that she and Adam connect on a personal level outside of the "Hollywood" system, and he acts as a neutral party when giving her advice.

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