'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 89 To Reveal Gohan's Evolution, Could He Surpass His Father Goku?

As the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 delves deeper into the storyline of the Universe Survival arc, fans can expect tons of exciting revelations up ahead. With only nine hours to go before the Tournament of Power starts, the Universe 7 team is going full blast with the recruitment with two new powerful members to be drafted to their ranks next episode. But more exciting still is the possible result of Gohan's training with Piccolo, a drastically leveled-up Gohan which, according to recent posts, might even possibly surpass his father Goku.

Gohan's Mystic Form

With the entire universe in danger of being erased, Goku's team is hard at work in ensuring that the Universe 7 team will dominate in the upcoming Tournament of Power. Thus, Goku has been scouring the planet in search of its 10 strongest fighters to convince them to join. This is easier said than done because, as previously discussed with Gohan, he may only convince them of joining the Universe 7 team, but they must not be told that the entire universe is at stake if their team loses.

Meanwhile, Gohan is also training hard to become even stronger. While he managed to drive his opponent Lavender out of the arena in the Zen Exhibition, the match made him realize that his current level of power is definitely not sufficient to beat stronger players from other universes. Thus, Gohan ended up training with Piccolo in the previous episode of DBS.

Training with Piccolo turned out well for Gohan. For the instance, he was finally able to tap into his vast power reserves and transform into his mystic form. Fans must have been thrilled to finally see Gohan pull it off, years of marriage and fatherhood plus his preference for scholarly pursuits have somehow dulled his skills as a warrior.

Gohan To Surpass Son Goku?

But it appears that there is more to come as far as Gohan's leveling up is concerned. While Gohan is indeed a force to be reckoned with in his mystic form, there are hints that he might even transcend that level. In the previous DBS chapter, Piccolo sensed that there is still room for improvement for his student, and Gohan has not yet tapped the full potential of his vast powers.

Now, a recent Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 synopsis provided by Comicbook teases just that - Gohan will eventually get stronger as a result of his training with Piccolo. In fact, Goku will be surprised at the dramatic improvement of his son's fighting skills after such short training. And, if the synopsis is not exaggerating, Gohan just might surpass his father Goku.

Goku Recruits New Members

Goku will only be too happy with the vast improvement of his son's skills. In fact, he will find them useful in the coming episode as he will be facing against some formidable fighters, two to be exact.

As in the previous episodes, Goku is still in full recruitment mode in the coming Episode 89 of Dragon Ball Super. However, he will run into some totally unexpected trouble as he visits his friends to recruit, the Inquisitr reported.

The brief DBS Episode 89 preview, which may be viewed at the end of this article, reveals that Goku will be recruiting Tien Shinhan, one of his longtime allies as well as Master Roshi. At the moment, Tien is already running his own dojo, a successful operation considering his numerous students seen in the preview.

However, Tien and Master Roshi appear to be possessed by some spirit. They are used as puppets and can be seen intensely fighting at a visibly surprised Goku. The preview also reveals the likely culprit behind Tien and Master Roshi's possession - a young girl who visited the dojo that looks surprisingly like Chi-Chi, Goku's wife.

The exciting thing about the possessed Master Roshi is that he seems to be remarkably spry for his age. There are speculations that the evil spirit that possessed him and Tien must have the power to amplify their fighting skills, making them formidable fighters. Thus, when a leveled-up Gohan joins the fray, Goku is only too happy for the extra hand.

In fact, Goku just can't help himself and will challenge Gohan to test the limits of his son's newfound power. Will Gohan really surpass his father? Dragon Ball Super episodes air on Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST on Crunchyroll.

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