Teresa Giudice Implies Jacqueline Laurita Is Mad Over Her Close Friendships With Siggy Flicker And Dolores Catania

Is Teresa Giudice purposefully rubbing it into Jacqueline Laurita’s face that not only is she still close with Melissa Gorga and Dolores Catania but is also now good friends with Siggy Flicker? Some The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers may be thinking that after reading Teresa’s blog post recapping the final episode of the season.

In her blog post, posted on Tuesday, Teresa first expressed relief that Season 7 was finally over with the conclusion of the reunion show on Sunday night. She then reflected on her relationships with the other women one by one. Not surprisingly, she expressed happiness that she and her brother, Joe Gorga, were able to repair their relationship and that she and Melissa were able to start fresh.

From the beginning of Season 7, right after Teresa arrived home after almost a year in prison, viewers saw Teresa and Melissa, with whom she feuded with for years, agree to forget all of their past drama with one another and start anew. As the season progressed, they kept their promise to support and defend one another no matter what. On the reunion show, they backed each other up as they argued with Jacqueline. Teresa and Melissa even held hands at one point.

In her blog post, Teresa then talked about new cast members Siggy and Dolores. Teresa wrote that she got so close to Siggy after the filming the finale episode that she now considers her a friend for life. Teresa added that she and Siggy have bonded and shared a lot with one another. As for Dolores, Teresa pointed out that she has a very long friendship with her and will continue to have one.

“I am also very happy to have met Siggy Flicker. You won’t find a more genuine person with such a big heart. Siggy is also one of the funniest women I have ever met, and I am so happy to have gotten so close to her, especially AFTER the season finale at Rails. Siggy and I have definitely bonded and shared A LOT with one another, and I am happy to call her my friend for life. What can I say about Dolores that you don’t already know? Dolores and I go waaay back, and Dolores is someone who I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for.”


Teresa Giudice went on to say that after filming the reunion show that she went on vacation to Florida with Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania. Teresa then implied that they talked about Jacqueline Laurita during their vacation. What about Jacqueline did they talk about? Teresa indicated that they talked about how Jacqueline is not happy about their friendship.

“I have enjoyed spending time with Siggy and Dolores in the months after the show wrapped, including a recent girls trip to Florida where we had a very deep and very honest conversation about certain people (you know who they are) who were obviously not to happy to see us smiling and laughing together.”

That vacation took place two weekends ago. After returning home, Teresa posted a photo of herself with Dolores and Siggy in Florida. Referring to Jacqueline’s claim made during the season, that guest star Robyn Levy was one of her “soldiers,” meaning that she was there just to do Teresa’s dirty work, Teresa joked that Dolores and Siggy are her “soldiers” and that they’re an army of one.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Robyn last month accused Jacqueline of trying to recruit her against Teresa as she did Dolores and Siggy.

Siggy said that the Boca Raton vacation was the best weekend ever.

When a viewer sarcastically asked how many lies Teresa told that dinner night, Siggy defended Teresa by lashing out at the viewer.

Teresa then claimed in her blog that Siggy told her that “certain people” wanted her on The Real Housewives of New Jersey to bring her down, a plan that backfired since Siggy just ended up loving her. Obviously, Teresa is referring to her big enemy on the show, Jacqueline Laurita, with “certain people.” Teresa may have also been referring to her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, who are good friends with Jacqueline but estranged from Teresa. Kathy and Rosie were “friends” of the housewives this past season.

“My relationship with Siggy is REAL. She told me that certain people wanted her on the show to bring me down and that instead she fell in love with me. Why? Because I’m REAL.”

When Season 7 began, Siggy Flicker was introduced to viewers and the other women as Jacqueline Laurita’s friend. Siggy had never met Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga or Dolores Catania before. Prior to Siggy’s first meeting with Teresa, Jacqueline, who at the time was still okay with Teresa, told her that she would love Teresa. Siggy ended up hitting it off with Teresa.

As the season progressed and the relationship between Teresa and Jacqueline got worse, Siggy at times was caught in the middle. She tried to get both women to see the other person’s point of view, usually to no avail. On part 2 of the reunion show, Siggy tearfully asked for everyone to participate in a group hug and to try to be peaceful from then on out, which they did.

As for Dolores, she came on the show as a long-time friend to both Teresa and Jacqueline. Throwback photos and footage showed Dolores hanging out with Teresa and Jacqueline, as well as with Dina and Caroline Manzo, when everyone was still friends. Jacqueline explained that through the years, Dolores always managed to stay neutral and stay friends with everyone. As it was with Siggy, Dolores’ friendships with both Teresa and Jacqueline meant that she was often caught in the middle when Teresa and Jacqueline argued.

During the reunion show, there were times when Teresa tried to bring Dolores into her argument against Jacqueline. At one point, Teresa claimed that Dolores once said that she hated and despised Jacqueline. At another point, Teresa said that Dolores knew that Jacqueline’s husband, Chris Laurita, cheated. Yet Dolores refused to bash Jacqueline and was, like Siggy, able to stay out of the drama.

At the end of her blog, Teresa pointed out that she has maintained good friendships with many people from the show, including Dolores and Siggy. Teresa believes this shows that she obviously isn’t as bad as other people make her out to be.

“There are a lot of times where I am made out to be the bad guy, the villain on the show…If I am so bad, why are Siggy and Dolores going on vacation with me away when they don’t have to? Why am I spending time, and lots of it, with my brother and Melissa, and our children, even when no one is watching? Why is it that I have maintained my relationship with Dina Manzo, Audriana’s godmother, after all of these years. Just last week I had dinner with Rino, Teresa and Nicole from Season 6 in New York. I have reconnected with Danielle Staub and would love to see her back — same goes for Rino and the twins. “

Last Thursday, Teresa Aprea posted a photo of the group dinner that included Teresa.

Teresa responded that she had a great time at the Aprea’s restaurant.

Will Teresa’s latest The Real Housewives of New Jersey blog post put a strain on Jacqueline’s friendships with Dolores and Siggy? Are Dolores and Siggy even still friends with Jacqueline or have they taken Teresa’s side? Judging from social media, it seems that Dolores is continuing to be friends with both Jacqueline and Teresa.

Last Saturday, Dolores tweeted that she loves Jacqueline.

Jacqueline told Dolores that she loves her back.

Siggy’s relationship with Jacqueline, however, seems a bit more complicated. Siggy left several comments on a photo that she posted a week ago that indicates that she and Jacqueline may not be as close as they used to be.


In response to one viewer who pointed out that Siggy doesn’t seem to be hanging out with Jacqueline anymore, Siggy implied that Jacqueline was at fault for that.

“mariemazzuca: @siggy.flicker but I don’t see you hanging out with @jaclaurita????only @teresagiudice”

“siggy.flicker@mariemazzuca you would have to ask Jacqueline that.”

In response to another viewer who accused Siggy of not showing love for Jacqueline, Siggy asked whether Jacqueline is showing love for her.

“takingbacksydnay: @siggy.flicker why are you and @jaclaurita not friend anymore?!? She was your friend and now your off partying with TeeCon and showing no love for Jac :-(“

“siggy.flicker: @takingbacksydnay is jacq showing love for me?”

Yet in one lengthy comment, Siggy Flicker maintained that she and Dolores Catania aren’t taking sides and that she’ll always be grateful to Jacqueline.

“siggy.flicker: @pugal98 Its all about chemistry. They bring out the worst in each other which is why they don’t belong together…I will forever be grateful to Jacqueline for introducing me to these girls and getting me on the show & I have had her back in all 16-18 episodes…I am done defending and so no one spins this, Jacqueline has never asked me to defend her. She knew from day one that I was going to love Teresa and I do…Dolores and I are NOT taking sides…So after reading this if you are still wondering who side I am on, I am only on one side and that is TEAMSIGGY!”

On another photo, Siggy declared that she’ll always love Jacqueline.


“siggy.flicker: @eregan1635 i will always love Jacqueline and no one tries to or ever will change that.”

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