Netflix Original 'Glitch' Confirmed For Season 2, No Trailer Yet, But Production Is Currently Underway

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Glitch only just recently arrived as a Netflix original series, but already, viewers are asking when Season 2 will be released. So, here's absolutely everything we know already about Season 2 of Glitch, its production details, and when a trailer might be released.

Glitch aired in Australia on their ABC network in 2015 and became a huge success locally. Then Netflix picked it up as one of their original series and now the world wants to know when Season 2 of Glitch will air on Netflix.

For those of you who haven't seen Glitch already, the official synopsis for Season 1 is below.

"When Sergeant Hayes is called to Yoorana cemetery in the middle of the night, he makes a discovery that turns his world upside down -- six people with no memory of their identities. Who are they and what has happened to them?"

Some are comparing Glitch to shows like Stranger Things with its supernatural theme. Others have added it to the zombie genre on account that it deals with several dead characters who rise up from their graves. But Glitch is more detailed than that with an Australian flavor added into the mix.

It has just been recently confirmed by The Australian that Season 2 of Glitch will return to the ABC in Australia as well as being partnered as a Netflix original series in worldwide distribution. While no air date has been confirmed, NetflixLife has confirmed a 2017 release date is to be expected on Netflix. They also speculate that Season 2 of Glitch will air late in 2017 in much the same way Season 1 aired late in 2016.

Currently, production is underway for Season 2 of Glitch, which is being filmed in Australia across several locations. According to Deadline, Glitch will, once again, air on Australia's ABC network and as a Netflix original series in 2017.

Thanks to the collaboration between Netflix and Australia's ABC network, a larger budget will be available for Season 2 of Glitch. Netflix traditionally finds around 15 percent of a television project in exchange for global subscription video-on-demand rights according to The Australian.

Some Australian television executives and politicians are angered by Netflix's involvement in the Australian production, citing the fact Netflix will not have to pay tax or employ locals. However, a spokesperson for the ABC issued the following statement in regard to Season 2 of Glitch.

"As a result of Netflix's involvement, there is more money being invested in Glitch to fully ­realise the creative aspiration of [Season] 2. The contribution from the ABC is lower, making the taxpayer dollar go further. Importantly, we also get to export great Australian drama to many countries around the world."

Currently, no trailer has been released yet for Season 2 of Glitch. However, with production currently underway, it is likely viewers will get to see a glimpse into Season 2 via a trailer before too long. In the meantime, here's the official extended trailer for Season 1 of Glitch to remind you of why the series is so great.

The series was filmed on location in Mt Alexander and Castlemaine, Australia. Glitch is a collaboration between ABC, Matchbox Pictures (which is a division of NBC Universal International Studios), and in association with Netflix's original series.

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Season 1 of Glitch on is currently airing worldwide on Netflix.

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