Carrie Fisher Fesses Up To Harrison Ford Affair And 'Star Wars' Fans Are Reacting

Shayla D

Carrie Fisher revealed a three-month affair with Harrison Ford on the set of Star Wars in a recent interview with People. Fisher, who is promoting her upcoming book The Princess Diarist, made Star Wars fans swoon with the revelation of the 40-year-old secret of the affair with Ford as they relished in discovering the chemistry of Princess Leia and Han Solo was legitimate.

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Or maybe Carrie was trying to help generate some buzz about Rogue One, giving a boost to the franchise that launched her career. More than likely, however, Carrie Fisher made the revelation to help gain some interest in her upcoming book release, The Princess Diarist.

According to the book's description, The Princess Diarist is a culmination of Carrie Fisher's memories of her time spent behind the scenes on the set of Star Wars. Fisher's book is said to be "revealing" and "intimate," and if the rest of it is similar to Carrie's exclusive interview with People, Fisher's book will not disappoint.

"It was so intense," Fisher said of the affair with Ford.

"It was Han and Leia during the week and Carrie and Harrison on the weekend."

Harrison Ford was reportedly given an early copy of The Princess Diarist but thus far has chosen not to comment on the reported affair with Fisher. Ford has been married to actress Calista Flockhart since 2010. Ford's second ex-wife, screenwriter Melissa Mathison, passed away last November and according to Daily Mail, Harrison's philandering was a contributor to the breakdown of that marriage. Typically, however, Ford is notorious for keeping his private life private so it's hard to imagine that he would be thrilled with Fisher's latest revelation.

Harrison Ford's acting career had been on a slow rise when he was cast as Han Solo in Star Wars. Carrie Fisher was a novice actress when she was cast as the role of Princess Leia in the film but was well aware of the inner workings of Hollywood thanks to her celebrity parents Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.

Neither Ford nor Fisher was prepared for the astronomical success of Star Wars and the substantial franchise that arose from it. While Ford would go on to be the face of another popular film series, Indiana Jones, he also became one of Hollywood's most sought after leading men. Fisher, however, took small roles here and there but changed her career focus to becoming a successful writer.

For Star Wars fans to hear that the chemistry of Princess Leia and Han Solo was real, there are some that undoubtedly feel that Christmas came early. Considering that Kylo Ren snatched last year's Christmas hopes and dreams from every Star Wars fan's heart last December with a simple thrust of the light saber, maybe this was Carrie Fisher's way of making sure the legacy of Harrison Ford's Han Solo lives on. Sorry Luke. Even if she wasn't your sister, it looks like you didn't stand a chance.

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