Robot Goes Gangnam Style [Video]

Everyone goes Gangnam style once in a while. Britney Spears did it. Wolverine did it. A bunch of lifeguards and several politicians have also done pop star PSY’s famous dance. Well, the dance has finally crossed over into the world of robotics. Yep, robots have started to go gangnam style.

According to Tech News Daily, the robot CHARLI-2 was taught the famous pop dance at the Robotics Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech.

The Robotics Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech said:

“The CHARLI series humanoid robot is developed as a research platform to study bipedal walking and autonomous behaviors for humanoid robots. It is designed to be ultra light weight (under 15 kgs) for safety and low cost… CHARLI-2 implements an impressive active stabilization strategy based on sensory feedback.”

The robot was taught the Gangnam style dance to demonstrate its agility (and to have a little fun) and the dance could help the robot land a job aboard a Naval ship. The NAVY is hoping to create a Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFiR) and CHARLI-2 is apparently a front runner. Hopefully the Navy is using more than the robot’s dancing abilities to make its choice.

If CHARLI-2 does become a SAFFiR it will help put out fires aboard warships at sea by wielding a fire hose and a fire extinguisher. The robot will also need to be able to climb ladders and walk through a rocking ship. It isn’t in the job description, but CHARLI-2 also promises to entertain crew members at sea.

Here’s a video of the robot dancing Gangnam style.