Kristen Doute On Jax Taylor’s Betrayal: ‘He Gets Bored And He Likes To Stir Up Drama’

Kristen Doute had no idea that Jax Taylor was spreading rumors about her when she started filming this new season of Vanderpump Rules. But during the first episode, Jax told his bartender friend Tom Sandoval that he had walked in on his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, getting oral sex from Kristen during a drunken night out. He was convinced that the two girls had hooked up, and he wasn’t mad about the cheating. Instead, he was upset with both Brittany and Kristen because they denied it happened.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute broke her silence about the night of drunken escapades. And Doute doesn’t deny that they shared a kiss, but she does deny that everything happened between them that fits with Taylor’s story. This wouldn’t be the first time that Taylor has lied or fabricated a story, but it might just cost him his relationship this time around.

Many of the Vanderpump Rules stars were shocked that Jax was so determined to spread rumors about his own girlfriend, and she was devastated. Since Brittany is friends with Kristen Doute, Doute decided that she needed to confront Jax about the situation on last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. Cartwright continued to deny the hookup, and she even sat down with Lisa Vanderpump, where she shared her side of the story. But Kristen felt that if she didn’t say something to Taylor, he could potentially lose a great girlfriend.

“I think that Jax is a thrill-seeker, and I think he gets bored and he likes to stir up drama if there’s none of his own. It did really surprise me that over the summer that he kind of took that out on Brittany,” Kristen Doute explains about the rumor, according to Bravo, revealing that she thinks Jax got bored for a moment, and the cameras were back to film Vanderpump Rules, so why not spice things up?


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“But at the end of the day, we can all laugh about it now. We know the truth. I really think, and I say it on [Monday night’s episode], Jax, everything’s going great for you right now, so don’t mess it up just because you’re bored. You don’t have to have drama in your life. Like, you don’t have to keep stirring the pot. But that’s Jax,” Kristen points out, revealing that he was close to losing his girlfriend thanks to the rumors.

Even though Taylor is convinced that his girlfriend hooked up with Kristen Doute, Kristen told Vanderpump Rules viewers that her own boyfriend, Brian Carter, was present when this supposed hookup happened, and he brought that to her attention during last night’s episode. In other words, Carter would have known about it if it happened. And he denies it happened, even though Jax seems convinced. And Kristen is convinced that this little detail was conveniently left out to support his own story rather than the truth. But Doute was also surprised that a story involving her made it all the way to Lisa Vanderpump’s ears.

“I’m sure it’s entertaining for her to hear such crazy stuff. It was actually really hilarious to watch that he didn’t get uncomfortable. I can’t believe Tom Sandoval had the balls to say something like that. I could never talk to her about that. It makes me squirm and it makes me uncomfortable to talk to someone close to my mom’s age about sexual relationships. It’s so bizarre to me,” Kristen Doute reveals about how Lisa Vanderpump got involved in the rumor and how she questioned Kristen’s involvement, according to Bravo.

What do you think of this story? Do you think Kristen Doute is right or do you think Jax Taylor is telling the truth since he’s so convinced that it happened?

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