‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Amanda Stanton Loses Her Child Support Battle With Josh Murray By Her Side

News came out not long ago that Amanda Stanton’s ex didn’t want to pay as much child support due to the fact that she was making more money than in the past. TMZ shared the news that Amanda Stanton actually ended up losing this child support battle. Amanda met Josh Murray and fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise last season. The couple seems to be going strong ever since then.

It turns out that Amanda Stanton’s child support for her two daughters didn’t just go down just a little bit either. It was actually dropped by 75 percent, which is a huge chunk of money to lose. As the Inquisitr shared before Amanda Stanton’s ex actually called her out for wanting child support while she was filming Bachelor in Paradise, he wasn’t happy that she still expected to be paid while he had the kids the entire time. That is the way that child support works, but Nick Buonfiglio was not okay with it.

Amanda Stanton had her fiance, Josh Murray, by her side when she went to court about the child support her ex, Nick Buonfiglio, is paying for their two daughters. He was paying Amanda about $2K in child support a month, and he wasn’t happy about it. Nick felt like Amanda Stanton’s income had increased, and it should be changed. He was able to win the fight in court, and now Nick pays Stanton $530 in child support for their two children. The wasn’t any word if their visitation rights ended up changing as well, but there was also talk about this being discussed it court.

The reason that this child support ended up changing is simply because Amanda Stanton’s income has increased since her time on Bachelor in Paradise. Her ex, Nick, said that he has been dealing with a few financial issues. The reason that Amanda lost in court is that simple. Her income is higher than the income of her, ex so she should be paying for more of the girls needs. Josh Murray has a large income as well, but his earnings do not count when it comes to child support for her daughters.

Radar Online shared a while ago that Amanda Stanton’s ex had shared a bit about how big her income was now. When they split in June of 2015, Amanda said her income was only $100 a month. At the time, Nick said Amanda Stanton was supposed to have the girls 65 percent of the time, but since she had been doing reality shows, he had them more than she did. This might have changed since Amanda Stanton isn’t filming any shows right now.

Nick shared that Amanda’s income went up, saying that she was “making well over $20,000 to $30,000 per month,” including $5,000 per sponsored social media post. A lot of celebrities start making big bucks for social networks posts after having huge exposure on a show like The Bachelor. Amanda’s ex said that he was actually having trouble living after giving her $2,000 a month. The new decrease should make things easier on him. Nick revealed at the time that he actually tried to talk to Amanda Stanton about all of it, and she told him just to take her to court, so that is what he did. It looks like going to court was the right thing for Nick because he ended up winning.

Are you shocked to hear that Amanda Stanton lost this child support battle? Do you agree that Nick’s child support should have been lowered? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts. You will also not want to miss when Nick Viall tries to find love again on The Bachelor 2017, which begins in January on ABC.

[Featured Image By Amanda Stanton/Instagram]