‘Married To Medicine’ Star Lisa Nicole Cloud Doesn’t Trust Husband After Stripper Scandal?

Married to Medicine star Lisa Nicole Cloud surprised everyone when she decided to return to the show this season after going through the cheating scandal that rocked her world last season. While Nicole Cloud was convinced that her marriage was rock solid, she quickly learned that her husband, Darren Naugles, may have been lying to her about where he had been hanging out. While visiting a strip club, Lisa learned that her husband knew the strippers, and they told her to say hi at home, unaware that she had no idea that he had spent his money on them. She was clearly devastated.

According to a new Radar Online report, Married to Medicine star Lisa Nicole Cloud is now revealing that it was tough for her to move on from the cheating scandal that rocked her world. While Darren wasn’t exactly caught cheating, the stripper story was just one story to come out last season on Married to Medicine. And the betrayal was enough for Nicole Cloud to get some therapy to deal with her emotions.

“Last year was a tough year — it was a real tough year from the incident with the stripper and the other incident,” Lisa Nicole Cloud explained about her marriage to Radar Online, revealing that she didn’t believe what her Married To Medicine co-stars were saying about her husband, adding, “Not that I didn’t believe some of the stuff — I did feel the situation with the guy was very manipulated and set up — but it did put me at a place where we really had to, and still are working through communication and trust and talking through our feelings.”

One can imagine that Lisa felt completely betrayed by her husband last season, as he had been keeping a huge secret from her. But throughout the season, Lisa also learned that rumors were swirling about Darren having hooked up with a man. Rather than file for divorce, Lisa Nicole Cloud decided to go to therapy to deal with her issues.


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“I believe that counseling is not something you do when you’re in a crisis situation in your marriage,” Lisa Nicole Cloud explains about her decision to get help, revealing that she’s continuously doing therapy as a way to prevent pain in the future, adding, “You need to do it throughout, almost like maintenance. And so, we do.”

So, why would Lisa Nicole Cloud decide to come back to Married to Medicine if her marriage suffered so much last season? Maybe Lisa felt that they were stronger now to handle any criticism. In fact, while she admits that reality television is tough on a relationship, they are closer now than ever. And she wants another baby.

“We’ve gotten closer but shows can be very difficult on a relationship,” Lisa told Radar Online about their marriage, adding, “We’re going to stay in counseling to continue to help us throughout this process. There are plenty of marriages that have gone down because of reality TV, and we’re not going to be one of them!”

Last year, Lisa Nicole Cloud almost quit Married to Medicine when she learned about the cheating scandal. Nicole Cloud never revealed why she decided to stay on the show, but she did say that she didn’t want to become another statistic, as reality television does have a strong power to ruin marriages.

“It is what it is. It’s a great platform for other things that we’re looking to accomplish.”

Currently, she’s taking her stint on the show “one day at a time.”

Are you surprised that Lisa Nicole Cloud decided to come back to Married to Medicine based on what she went through last year? Do you think it is wise for her to have a baby now?

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