Plurk latest: photo uploads, improved layouts, new tools

Duncan Riley

Plurk may not be getting the headlines it was getting post launch, but the microblogging platform with a difference is still going strong, and the team is still adding new features.

Top of the list is the ability to share photos locally on Plurk. Users could always share photos on external site, but like FriendFeed they are now able to upload a photo for hosting on Plurk itself. Improvements to the friend and fan navigation panel include 3 tabs offering mutual friends, people I follow, and my fans.

Along with changes on the site, Plurk has launched Plurk labs, "a special area where the A-Team shows off some cool things that are coming down the plurkline." The first Plurk Labs creation is the Word Cloud and Qualifier/Very Analyzer. An example of the word cloud is available here.

Plurk also has an official wiki for the first time, offering a one stop destination of all things Plurk.

More details on the Plurk blog here.