‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Episode 1 Spoilers: New Villains Invade Beacon Hills [Video]

Teen Wolf Season 6 returns on Tuesday night with 20-episode final season. And the premiere episode, titled “Memory Lost,” will not waste much time to get the story rolling and put Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) in danger. Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1 introduces the new adversaries, the Ghost Riders, and sows the seed of conflict about memory and memory of Stiles.

At Comic-Con 2016, it was announced that MTV’s werewolf-themed series would be bidding adieu after Season 6. It was also revealed at the event that the final season of Teen Wolf would see new kind of villains called Ghost Riders, who have specific talent unique to them.

Speaking of Ghost Riders, showrunner Jeff Davis told Entertainment Weekly that the Ghost Riders would bring a lot of danger to Beacon Hills in Teen Wolf Season 6. They are part of the Wild Hunt mythology that was introduced in the previous season, and according to Davis, if someone sees the Ghost Riders while the Wild Hunt is passing through a town, they make that person part of their hunt and take him away.

“They pick up the dead as well. They serve different mythological functions, but for us, they bring a lot of danger to Beacon Hills when this storm of Ghost Riders gets stuck.”

Episode 1 synopsis of the new season suggests that the Ghost Riders will ride into Beacon Hills and cross paths with Scott and his friends. And Stiles might become one of the first victims of the new dark forces.

There has been much speculation about Stiles’ fate and his limited screen presence in the final season because of actor Dylan O’Brien’s other acting commitments. Earlier this year, the actor also got injured while filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which put a question mark on his appearance in Episode 1 of Teen Wolf Season 6.

It is confirmed that the actor will be in the premiere episode. Spoiler TV‘s review of the first episode reveals that Stiles will take his law enforcement job seriously and will enlist Scott McCall’s (Tyler Posey) help to even solve non-supernatural cases. And he will be in danger in the first episode itself. Stiles existence will be wiped off by the Ghost Riders, according to TV Line.

The first trailer dropped at Comic-Con 2016 gave enough reasons to worry about Stiles’ safety. Soon after he tells Lydia (Holland Roden) that she is going to forget him, and she should find a way to remember him, he is seen being taken away by a Ghost Rider. And the rest of the trailer is about Stiles being forgotten by his friends and family as if he never existed.

Speaking of working around O’ Brien’s busy schedule, Davis told TV Line that they approached the final season knowing that they might have “limited access” to the actor because of his busy movie schedule. As they wanted to give a proper, big send-off to each character in the final season, including O’ Brien’s Stiles, they came up with a storyline that explores Stiles and the memory of him.

“We came up with this story that creates this big mystery about Stiles and the memory of Stiles.”


The theme of Teen Wolf Season 6, according to Davis, is about memory and how it shapes each individual. He said that the final season is about how a person can change the life of others, and how they are affected by his loss.

Meanwhile, the opening credits of the final season now include Mama McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, and Chris Argent, along with Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia Tate, and Liam Dunbar.

Teen Wolf Season 6 premieres on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, on MTV.

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