'Clash Of Clans' May 2017 Big Update: New Video Teases New Land And What We Know So Far

A new teaser video for the Clash of Clans May update has just been released, showing the characters onboard a boat in the middle of the sea. It was titled "Captain's Log - Day 1: A New Me," which hints of a new opportunity to explore new lands beyond the shore.

The upcoming May, 2017, upgrade for Clash of Clans is expected to be the biggest update in CoC's history, with lots of new features and challenges to be added. For weeks, players have known that a Battleship is going to be one of the main features of the game. There had been leaks about a mysterious boat, which Supercell has already confirmed. It needs repairing though.

Unlike in previous updates, Supercell will not provide a sneak peek before this Clash of Clans update finally arrives. Instead, it has been releasing video teasers, which show that it's going to be mainly about the boat and the what lies beyond the shore. Based on the official forum thread, this CoC update will not be like any previous updates. There is no Townhall 12, or even level 13 walls. No new hero will also be introduced this time, although there had been rumors about a new character called Reviver. According to Gotta Be Mobile, Reviver can provide real-time healing to troops or buildings.

Supercell said the Clash of Clans update is not coming this week. So the speculations about what it would actually bring continues. Among these is a new game mode, wherein two troops can attack one base at the same time. Some like the idea, while others don't, as they said it would surely result in three stars, killing the fun of the game.

A leaked document posted on Twitter shared what can be expected from the upcoming CoC update. It's worth to note that these are not official, and whether they are legit would remain to be seen. It says that the new boat will lead the player to a new island where he can battle with other clashers in The Colosseum, as well as participate in Clan Tournaments. New rewards, resources, and gems would also come with the boat, and the scale would go up as the player goes higher in terms of Town Hall levels.

Then there's a new night mode. There are reportedly 50 new single player missions, which would mean more opportunities to get rewards. These include Dark Elixir, X-bow, Inferno Towers, and Eagle Artillery. At Town Hall 10, there is a sixth builder to be available for 5,000 gems. Some fans on Twitter wish these were true, while others say the leaks are fake.

Another rumor that has been swirling around is the multi-village feature on Clash of Clans. This would remove the need for a player to create a second account to have another village. This was based on artwork posted on Reddit, which says "night world of extreme speed." While others presume it could be a second village, some players think this just refers to the new night mode of the game.

No specific release date has been announced yet for this Clash of Clans update. Expectations are rooting for a May 13-15 rollout, as CoC updates tend to come out toward the end of the week. This is because a CoC forum moderator previously said the update will not be out until May 11. It can still come out anytime within the month, though. For now, wait for the next Captain's log video teaser for the upcoming Clash of Clans update.

The hype is up for the massive Clash of Clans update. Are you excited? What are you looking forward to?

[Featured Image by Muhamad Mizan Bin Ngateni/Shutterstock]