Lauren Jauregui 'Lesbian' Photo Leaks: Fans Blast Perez Hilton, Support Fifth Harmony Member

Effie Orfanides

Lauren Jauregui was spotted kissing a girl in a "lesbian" photo leaked online thanks to Perez Hilton. According to the report, the Fifth Harmony singer was kissing a female on the lips in the picture and some outlets have questioned her sexuality, putting her in the middle of controversy. Fans of Lauren Jauregui have been defending her, and most are outraged that she's being called out for what they see as "playful."

Here's what went down. The Fifth Harmony singer was kissing a female on the lips in a picture and her sexuality came into question.

Fans of Lauren Jauregui have been defending her and most are outraged that she's being called out for what they see as "playful," and they thought that it was extremely distasteful of Perez Hilton to post the picture because of its potential implications.

"Fans were quick to jump to Lauren's defense, claiming the kiss was obviously only a playful gesture and people need to get a grip. It's unclear exactly how the blogger got his hands on the pic of the Fifth Harmony star at the wedding, though the girl bands' swarm of fans were quick to blast Perez for publishing the images, supporting Lauren and seriously reprimanding Perez," reports Unreality TV.

Lauren Jauregui hasn't posted about this on Twitter, nor has she made any kind of mention of the "lesbian" photo on Instagram. Perez Hilton responded to the noise, posting the following message on Twitter.

— Perez (@ThePerezHilton) November 14, 2016

— Perez (@ThePerezHilton) November 14, 2016

Feud rumors have been abundant too, but that's almost to be expected because the five members are in a girl group -- something that, time has shown us, doesn't last. From the Spice Girls to Danity Kane, girl groups have a sort of curse on them that isn't easy to fight off.

If Lauren Jauregui is a lesbian, that's clearly her business and she can choose to share that if and when she wants. Perez Hilton has been busy fending off Fifth Harmony fans who hope that he either apologizes to Lauren (and to them) or that he takes down the photo (neither of those things is likely going to happen).

It will be interesting to see if Lauren Jauregui responds to any of this or if it forces her to talk about her sexuality (whether she is gay or straight). Chances are, Lauren is probably just going to ignore the chatter and get on with life. She will hope that her fans will do the same, though she undoubtedly appreciates them going to bat for her.

Do you think Perez Hilton was wrong for posting the photo of Lauren Jauregui kissing a female? Do you think that Perez trying to insinuate something by posting it?

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