'Go Live With The N*****s:' Racist Dad Texts His Hate To White Daughter Over Her Black Prom Date

An Arkansas father reportedly sent his daughter a barrage of hateful texts over her choice to attend her high school prom with an African-American student, according to the Daily Mail.

Lake Village native Anna Hayes, a soon-to-be alumna of a high school based in the southern Arkansas city, says that her dad became enraged once he caught wind of images of Hayes at the rite of passage with a school friend named Philip Freeman.

Freeman, as it just so happens, is black.

"[Philip] is just a close friend and he's super cute, so I asked him to go to prom with me," the Caucasian Anna remarked, adding, "he is a great, funny [guy]."

Throughout the night, the dashing duo shared moments of their evening on social media, including on Hayes' Facebook profile, where Anna's dad first saw the pictures and began shooting texts to his daughter about his feelings on her prom date.

(The following statements may be unsettling to readers. Please proceed with caution.)

"We are done," he begins.

"I won't be coming to your graduation. Nor will I pay for your college. Go live with the n*****s."
Anna admits that while the line was hard to take in, she had long been familiar with her father's racist beliefs.

"He has told me that if I ever dated a black guy, I would be dead to him," the girl told BuzzFeed.

She has also, however, never been afraid to stand up to his ignorance.

"I stood my ground for what I believe in. He has called me several horrible things before. This just hurt [me] more because I can not believe how anyone can hate someone they don't even know because of their skin color."
Taking back to her phone in defiance, Anna let her father know right then and there that she would not tolerate him speaking harshly of Philip or any other person of color, for that matter.

racist texts prom
White Arkansas teen Anna Hayes says her racist father sent her a barrage of hateful texts after seeing pictures on Facebook of Anna at her high school prom with her date, an African-American student. [Image by luchezar/iStock]

"I went to prom with a black guy, so that's a problem," Anna responded.

"Racist much?"
Unsurprisingly, Anna's dad stood his hateful ground and owned the title.

"Yes, I am [racist]," he fired back, "[and you're] dead to me."

"Don't ever contact me again," the man went on, getting nastier by the moment.

"We are through. Go ahead be a f***** wh***, [just] leave me out of it."
As further punishment of his daughter's "disobedience," Anna's dad then informed her that he would be cancelling Anna's phone service and car insurance immediately.

"I didn't do anything wrong," Anna states in her next message.

"Shut the f*** up," the racist man texts back to the teen prom-goer, "you have no right to talk to me anymore."

"Go live with the f****** n*****s. Your pictures are already off my walls."
After wishing Anna to hell for good measure, Hayes' father ends his spiel with one last dig at African-Americans.

"What the f*** is wrong with you," he asks.

"You want to mingle with subhumans? I'll treat you accordingly."
After sharing screen grabs of the correspondence with her date, Philip, he then posted the images to his Twitter, where they quickly went viral and received quite a few responses.
Anna, who lives with her divorced mother full-time and, by her own admission, rarely interacts with her father, said she was surprised that Freeman put the interaction out into the open, but she's not upset with him in the slightest.

"It's important for people to see that racism is very much alive," the teenager expressed.

"We need to fight for what is right. We can be the change, and if you have a family member or anyone that disowns' you because of who you love or associate with then forget them, people will support you through this. I know they supported me for sure."
The racist sender of the texts to the prom-attending Anna Hayes, Anna's father, could not be reached for comment.

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