Nick Viall Final Rose Teasers: Reality Steve's 'Bachelor' Spoilers Detail Apparent Frontrunner Heading Into Last Rose Ceremony

Nick Viall is ABC's The Bachelor 2017 lead this winter and people are already buzzing about which of his bachelorettes will get his final rose. Gossip guru Reality Steve's spoilers are breaking down the details again for this next production and he has revealed that all signs point toward one lady in particular who he believes will be the last woman standing. What's the scoop?

The Bachelor spoilers have been somewhat slow in emerging throughout filming this time around, as Reality Steve has been taking his time in revealing what he's uncovered since less scoop than usual has emerged independently via social media or other sources. However, he recently revealed the four bachelorettes who got hometown dates with Nick Viall, and he adds that one of those four is seemingly a solid frontrunner.

According to the latest Bachelor spoilers, Vanessa Grimaldi is currently the most likely of these last four women to snag Viall's final rose. Reality Steve says that just like he indicated with Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, as well as with JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, Vanessa has been very much in the lead in Nick's eyes and it sounds as if it would be a major shocker for anybody else but Grimaldi to be the one still standing in the end.

Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers have revealed that Rachel Lindsay, Corinne Olympios, and Raven Gates are the other three bachelorettes who get hometown dates in addition to Grimaldi. So far, teasers remain under wraps regarding the next elimination after overnights, but more should emerge soon.

Is it an absolute guarantee that Grimaldi will get Viall's final rose as these early spoilers suggest? With filming still taking place, there is the possibility that things could change. Often during these Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, there is an early frontrunner who never fades. That was definitely the case with both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Andi Dorfman, for example, but the hometown dates and overnights can shake things up as reportedly happened during Sean Lowe's season with Catherine Giudici, AshLee Frazier, and Lindsay Yenter.

Will Nick and Vanessa, if indeed she does end up being the last woman standing, get engaged and find lasting love? This is Viall's fourth outing with the franchise, so there are some who are a bit skeptical of his motivations in leading his own season. He is from Wisconsin and was living in Chicago when he first pursued love with Andi Dorfman, ending up in second place. These days, however, he lives in Los Angeles and has been doing modeling and seemingly putting together his own business ventures, notes Bustle.

Will Grimaldi, a 29-year-old special education teacher from Montreal, be a good fit for Viall's current life? If she is indeed Nick's final rose recipient, will she be willing to leave Canada behind to move to California? She just might be up for such a change, as she has done some YouTube videos related to gaming and has an IMDb page noting a bit of previous acting work. Given that, she may not be entirely adverse to changing her life to embrace something a bit more prominent and Hollywood-esque, but people will have to stay tuned to get a better feel for what Vanessa's really like.

Even after Reality Steve's spoilers pinpoint a Bachelor winner for Viall, viewers will dissect every preview and tidbit that emerges all the way up to the finale next spring. The gossip guru's track record on the Bachelor final rose side is pretty solid, as even most critics would admit that it's on the Bachelorette side where most of his snafus have occurred. Even if Vanessa is the frontrunner during filming, that doesn't yet mean for certain that she will end up being Nick's pick.

Stay tuned for more spoilers as the January premiere date draws near as much more information should emerge soon. Will Reality Steve's spoilers regarding the likelihood of Vanessa Grimaldi getting Nick Viall's final rose on ABC's The Bachelor 2017 season pan out to be accurate? Will Nick and Vanessa last if they do end up together?

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