Housewife Raised By Monkeys To Tell Her Story In New Documentary

A housewife raised by monkeys in Colombia is set to tell her story in a new TV documentary.

Marina Chapman has already written a book about her life, and soon it will become a TV documentary.

Chapman claims that she was kidnapped as a child. Something went wrong during the kidnapping and she was abandoned in the jungles of Colombia where she spent five years in the jungle being raised by capuchin monkeys.

Vanessa James, one of Chapman’s daughters, said:

“It’s assumed that the kidnap went wrong… All she can remember is being chloroformed with a hand over her mouth. And all she can recall of her life before that is having a black doll as a toddler.”

James said that her mother used to tell her bedtime stories about her life in the jungle.

James said:

“She obviously learnt to fend for herself and only once got very ill when she ate some poisonous berries. I got bedtime stories about the jungle, as did my sister. We didn’t think it odd – it was just Mum telling her life. So in a way it was nothing special having a mother like that.”

Chapman spent five years in the jungle being raised by monkeys until she was eventually discovered by a group of hunters.

But the ordeal wasn’t over for Chapman.

According to the Telegraph, the hunters sold her to a brothel in Cucuta to work as prostitute. Chapman escaped the brothel and spent several years living on the streets until she was hired as a maid by a Colombian family. Chapman writes in her book, The Girl With No Name, that she started going by Marina Lulz while she was working as a maid. Eventually she met John Chapman at a church meeting, and the two were married in 1977.

Chapman believes that she was born around 1950 and was kidnapped when she was about five years old. The Daily Times reports that her book, The Girl With No Name, has been published in seven countries and will soon be published in Britain. The new documentary does not have a release date yet.