Housewife Raised By Monkeys Is Writing Book About Her Experience

A Yorkshire housewife raised by monkeys — if her tale is accurate — is the latest in a long line of stories suggesting that primates are protective of their human fellows in the wild.

The British housewife raised by monkeys has only come forward with her strange tale publicly now, decades after she says she spent five years in the jungle being taken care of by capuchin monkeys.

As with all similar yarns, the housewife raised by monkeys occurred half a century ago, and bears few verifiable details for those who might want to check up on the tale Marina Chapman, now in her 60s, tells British press.

Chapman’s son James, who is helping her write a book about her years in the jungle, says that the housewife raised by monkeys tale is one with which he grew up. James fondly recalls his mother’s stories, detailing her jungle experiences as a child:

“‘When we wanted food, we had to make noises for it. All my school friends loved Mum as she was so unusual. She was childlike, too, in many ways … ‘I got bedtime stories about the jungle, as did my sisters. We didn’t think it odd – it was just Mum telling her life. So in a way it was nothing special having a mother like that.’”

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As for how the housewife came to be raised by monkeys, Chapman says she was kidnapped for ransom from her native Colombia, and ditched in the jungle after the kidnappers botched the heist. The housewife raised by monkeys says she eventually was discovered by hunters and sold to a brothel, before being rescued as a teen by a Colombian family.

Do you buy the tale of the housewife raised by monkeys?