Apollo Nida Engaged To Mystery Woman While In Prison, ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ To Show Phaedra Parks’ Reaction

Apollo Nida is still in prison in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers won’t be catching a glimpse of him during Season 9. Phaedra Parks has already touched on her divorce from Apollo as RHOA began the new season. Now it looks like she’s about to get a big shock because Apollo is already engaged to someone else and ready to move on. How will Phaedra feel about that?

According to Perez Hilton, at some point in the upcoming episodes, Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras will focus on Apollo’s new life and his soon-to-be bride. According to the report, RHOA has been elusive about the identity of Nida’s new woman, and they want to keep her identity a secret until the big reveal.

Apparently, while Phaedra has been talking about how she wants to wait until she is officially divorced before dating new men, Apollo didn’t subscribe to the same idea. It turns out that Apollo may have been contesting their divorce like Phaedra previously claimed but the whole time, he was also getting visits from a woman who is now his fiance. It was reported that Apollo met his future Mrs. before he even reported to prison.

This mystery woman reportedly lives in New Jersey and isn’t far from the prison where Apollo Nida is doing his time. It has also been reported that this woman has been visiting Apollo twice a week, a huge difference from Phaedra Parks, who has only visited her estranged husband once in the two years that he’s been locked up.

TMZ has reported that RHOA producers already have several phone calls between Apollo and his mystery fiance recorded and plan to reveal both her identity and the calls later in the season. Apollo is also said to be getting some air time on Bravo, but he won’t be getting released. Instead, shots of Apollo will be filmed from the visiting area as we’ve seen of him before.

Apollo Nida’s fiance has not met Phaedra Parks yet, and according to reports, she won’t be filming Real Housewives of Atlanta alongside the star of the Bravo show. She will be filming scenes though and telling the story of how she and Apollo met.

To make RHOA even more interesting in this season without Nene Leakes, Bravo has already said that Phaedra Parks will learn of Apollo’s engagement while the cameras are rolling. Her reaction is going to be priceless, and there’s really no telling what Phaedra might say when she finds out that she has been avoiding romance while her incarcerated husband has been lining up his next wife.

There’s also the question of the identity of this mystery woman. Is she already known in reality TV circles or is this someone completely new to entertainment? Since she’s from New Jersey, it can’t be someone already on Real Housewives of Atlanta but can she be from another show?

Fans won’t know who she is until RHOA reveals the details unless someone slips them in the meantime. We’re hoping that information does get leaked though because it’s got to be juicy for RHOA to film and keep such a big secret to have a big reveal in the first place.

There are also reports that Phaedra Parks may not actually be divorced from Apollo Nida. As she explained it, the divorce took a long time because Apollo didn’t want it. All About The Tea is reporting that while Phaedra claims to finally have ended her marriage to Apollo, they can’t find a divorce filing and question whether that has even been taken care of yet.

Will Phaedra Parks’ divorce from Apollo Nida and his engagement news be one of the most shocking moments on Real Housewives of Atlanta in Season 9? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]