'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Could It Really Be Over For Chad And Abigail?

Days Of Our Lives fans know that Chad and Abigail have traveled a long and tumultuous road in their relationship. Every time it looks like they are getting on track, something happens. If you don't want to know, don't continue to read. The following is Days Of Our Lives spoilers.

A relationship that had so much promise has seen very little happiness. As Days Of Our Lives fans remember, Abigail disappeared leaving Thomas and Chad to believe she was dead. At the time, she felt they were better off without her. Abigail only revealed herself to her husband after she saw him kissing her best friend Gabi.

Gabi kissing Chad
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Between Abigail's insecurities and Chad having developed feelings for another woman, Days Of Our Lives fans have watched them struggle. Social media posts from fans seem to lean towards wanting to see a reconciliation between the potential Days Of Our Lives power couple but spoilers tell us those fans may be disappointed.

As reported on Soap Hub, there was a leak of a possible story line coming to Days Of Our Lives. The show executives were casting for an Immigration Officer who was after Dario for deportation. With the new writers coming in, Days Of Our Lives fans were unsure if this would actually make the show but it is finally here. Buckle up as this causes a major shake-up in the love lives of some Salem residents.

Abigail runs into Dario on the docks.
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The chance meeting on the docks with Dario while Abigail was still hiding was the beginning of a bond between the two on Days Of Our Lives. Since then, their relationship has grown and Dario has not been shy about telling her how much he loves her. The attention he gives Abigail has not gone unnoticed by Chad either.

As Chad is leaving for Greece, he tells his wife that he is not giving up on their marriage even though she has set him free to pursue Gabi. While he is gone, however, Days Of Our Lives fans will see the bond deepen between Abigail and Dario.

The Immigration Officer will make his presence known to Dario and this is where the problems begin. Days Of Our Lives spoilers tell us that Abigail will tell the officer that she and Dario are very much in love - so much so that she is planning to divorce Chad to marry Dario.

Days Of Our Lives fans don't have to wait long to see what happens. It will all begin next week. As Dario plans to make his move to win over Abigail while Chad is in Greece, the Immigration Officer will make his way to Salem. Abigail will assume the role of Dario's fiance while Chad is away, but that doesn't stop her from worrying about what her husband is up to. When he returns from Greece, Chad will learn of just how much his life is about to change once again due to a decision made by his wife without talking to him. Days Of Our Lives fans have to be wondering how much rejection one guy can take before he throws in the towel and lets his wife go for good.

So does this mean the end for Abigail and Chad on Days Of Our Lives? Their marriage has had more downs than ups in recent months. With Chad's history with Dario's sister, could Abigail and Chad actually end up being in-laws to each other? Or is this latest twist just another bump in the road before the two finally find happiness? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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