‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Rick Makes A Shocking Confession

The Walking Dead aired the fourth episode of Season 7 on Sunday night, and fans now have a lot to process. The episode featured many intense scenes with Rick, Michonne, Negan, Daryl, Rosita, and Spencer. However, one emotional moment is what really shocked fans.

Warning: Major spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 below.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Walking Dead finally answered a huge question in this week’s episode. Viewers watched as Rick and Michonne shared an intimate moment in Alexandria after Negan and The Saviors had raided their homes and taken all of their guns. Rick finally opened up to Michonne about his former best friend, Shane, whom he killed back in Season 2.

As many fans will remember, Shane was Rick’s best friend and partner on the police force. The two were very close, like brothers. However, when Rick was shot and put into a coma, Shane took it upon himself to lead Rick’s wife, Lori, and their son, Carl, to safety when the zombie apocalypse started. Shane, thinking Rick was dead, told Lori and Carl that they’d never see him again. However, Rick woke up, and with the help of Glenn, Andrea, T-Dogg, and others, made his way back to his family. By this point, Lori and Shane were already involved in a sexual relationship. However, the two kept it a secret from Rick until months later when Lori discovered she was pregnant.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Rick makes a shocking confession and answers a major question.
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Walking Dead fans watched as Rick and Shane’s friendship deteriorated and Shane grew increasingly jealous and angry about Rick returning to their lives. When Shane found out that Lori was pregnant he believed the child to be his and even decided to kill Rick. Thankfully, Rick was on to his plan and killed Shane to save his own life. Later, Lori died while giving birth to baby Judith, and no one mentioned the fact that the baby could be Shane’s ever again. That is, until Sunday’s episode. Rick poured his heart out to Michonne and told her the whole story. He then admitted that he knew Judith was not his child, but that he loved her with all of his heart.

This is the first time that The Walking Dead viewers have heard Rick mention Shane’s name in years, and his shocking confession about Judith’s paternity was a stunner for fans. It looks like this long unanswered question has finally been put to bed.

Actor, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick on The Walking Dead, recently revealed his thoughts on the big reveal.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Rick makes a shocking confession and answers a major question.
[Image by Gene Page/AMC]

“I think voicing it aloud. It’s one of those watershed moments that happens, certainly between the two lovers, between Michonne and Rick, that brings them together. It’s a very important moment in understanding his psyche and going, ‘This is what I’ve been doing for the last two years. I’ve accepted the situation and I will accept the situation if it’s going to save lives and if it’s going to protect the people I love. I will take it.’ It’s another perfect kind of quiet heroism. You know, he’s a stepdad and it doesn’t stop him loving his child, but he kind of has accepted that it’s not his.”

It will be interesting to see if Rick ever brings up Judith’s paternity again on the series, or if perhaps Carl will ever find out that Judith is only his half-sister. Carl is totally in love with Judith, and it likely wouldn’t change the way he feels about her, but it could alter his perception of Lori.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead shocker? Did you know all along that Judith was Shane’s daughter and not Rick’s baby?

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