KY Rep. Steve Nunn arrested after girlfriend Amanda Ross found dead

Amanda Ross, 29, was found dead just after 6:30 this morning in Lexington, KY outside her home at the Opera House Square Town Homes.

Former boyfriend Steve Nunn has been arrested in connection with the crime. He has not been charged with her murder, but has been charged with violating a protective order. Also suffering from gunshot wounds, Nunn was found around 10am in the cemetery in which is parents are buried. (Nunn’s father was former Kentucky governor Louie B. Nunn.) Police declined to comment on Nunn’s injuries but say he is in “fair condition.”

After being put on administrative leave in February after allegations of abuse involving Ross surfaced, Nunn resigned from his post in March as deputy director for the Health and Family Services Cabinet. He ran unsuccessfully for state governor in 2003. He went on to lose his seat in the house in 2006, after serving 15 years.

[Source: ABC]