Obama’s Hispanic Support Remains Solid Heading Into November

While the DREAM Act failed to make its way successfully through Congress, President Obama’s support for the measure has done him well among Hispanic voters.

The Presidents most recent push for the Hispanic community came during the second Presidential election when he reminded viewers that GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney believed in “self-deportation,” a program that was suggested by a law professor who helped draft Arizona’s controversial immigration statute.

While Romney has pointed out that President Obama failed to pass sweeping immigration reform during his first year in office as he had promised, that statement and true fact appears to have not stifled the President’s Latino voter base.

Romney has even tried to target the plight of Hispanics, noting that their 9.9 percent jobless rate is 2 points higher than the national average.

Several polls show Latino’s favoring President Obama with a 2-to-1 margin. That margin comes about despite Latino’s listing the economy as a top issue next to jobs and education.

Yet Republican lawmakers and their tough stance on immigration seems to be trumping other concerns at a time when more immigrants are fleeing back to Mexico from the United States because of a lack of work.

So what’s Romney’s big push for courting the Latino vote? As far as I can tell, his East Las Vegas office shares a strip mall with a tortilleria, and he once got what appeared to be a really dark spray tan before making a speech in front of a darker skinned crowd.