Jinger Duggar Still Loves Her Parents Even Though They Didn't Let Her Wear Pants

Jinger Duggar might be a rebel who no longer follows her family's fashion rules, but this doesn't mean that she loves her parents any less.

As CafeMom reports, Jinger finally created an Instagram account, and the Counting On star's fans couldn't be more thrilled. There are only six posts on her account so far, and she just shared her first post about her parents on Saturday. In the photo from Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's wedding day, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are pictured kissing the blushing bride on the cheeks while she smiles at the camera.

"I love them," Jinger captioned the photo.

Could this Instagram photo be Jinger Duggar's way of reassuring her fans that she still cares about her parents even though she's no longer following all of their religious rules? After she got married and moved to Laredo, Texas, Jinger ditched her family's super-strict dress code and started wearing pants.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jinger's parents expect their daughters to only wear skirts and dresses as long as they live under their roof. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar believe that pants are men's clothing and that the Bible forbids women from dressing like the opposite sex. However, Jeremy Vuolo disagrees: He's said that he sees nothing wrong with women wearing pants as long as they're modest.

In a Counting On video about "Duggar sister style," Jessa Duggar says that Jinger is the most adventurous member of the family when it comes to fashion. However, Jinger hasn't started using Instagram to show off her unique style, and she hasn't even posted a photo of herself wearing pants yet. Jeremy has, however, shared one on his Facebook page.


Jinger loves photography, so many fans are likely hoping that she'll use Instagram to show off some of her work.

"Initially, Jinger just started off taking pictures of siblings, family pictures, that sort of thing," Jessa said in a Counting On webisode. "Then people started seeing her work, and they were asking her to do their family pictures and other things professionally. She's definitely got a gift for it."

So far, Jinger has only shared one artistic shot that she took herself on Instagram. It's a photo of Jeremy standing in front of a windmill and looking up at the sky while the sun sets behind him.

As the Hollywood Gossip reports, some Duggar fans believe that Jinger finally decided to join social media because she and Jeremy Vuolo will soon have some big news to share. The theory is that Jinger recently discovered that she's pregnant and is planning on using her new social media accounts to announce that she's expecting. However, there may be another reason she waited so long to join Instagram.

As the Duggar Family Blog notes, Jinger and Jeremy celebrated their six-month wedding anniversary on May 5, just a few days after Jinger shared her first Instagram post. Perhaps Jinger decided to avoid social media during her first few months of marriage because she wanted to focus on building her new life with Jeremy. According to Jessa Duggar, privacy is important to her younger sister now that she's not living with almost two dozen people. During an episode of Counting On, Jessa revealed that Jinger banned family members from visiting her during her first half-year of marriage.

"I'm sure we'll be down there pretty soon," Ben said of visiting Jinger and Jeremy in Laredo.

"They said don't come for six months," Jessa reminded him.

"Oh, whatever," her husband responded.

As People reports, Jinger Duggar belatedly celebrated her first Throwback Thursday on Friday by sharing an old photo of herself and Jessa on Instagram. It looks like she's starting to miss her family, so maybe now Jessa can finally visit her sister and see how much of her apartment decorating Jinger and Jeremy have undone.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]