Illegal Immigration Into The U.S.: The Ugly Truth You're Not Hearing About [OPINION]

Thea Conrad

Illegal immigration into the U.S. is a hot topic of conversation at the moment, as President-elect Donald Trump has a little over two months until inauguration day, hence two months until he can implement his plan to deport illegal immigrants back to where they came from.

But Trump has a lot of reasons to fix our broken border, as you'll soon find out.

The controversy surrounding illegal immigration into the U.S. has fueled the anti-Trump movement. People living as undocumented citizens are afraid for their future under President Trump, and those who support illegal immigration are outraged that families might be split apart and lives torn just because they were searching for a better life.

There are, however, numerous dangers posed by illegal immigration into the U.S. that rarely, if ever, get talked about. National security and the well-being of the American people are at stake, so the faster we bring these issues to the forefront, the better.

The website, a site is maintained by supporters of the United States Border Patrol and not an official government site, provides visitors with the realities of illegal immigration by way of the southern U.S. and Mexican border, and they do not mince words regarding the dangers posed.

"The flood of Mexican illegal aliens across the United States southern border is wanton, violent, continuous, and unchecked. That is the truth. There is no 'alternate' truth."

Of those who travel on foot, they must brave the open desert of Mexico and southwestern North America, which for obvious reasons poses all sorts of dangers and threats to human life. From injuries to exposure and poisonous creepy crawlers, it seems a disaster waiting to happen.

"The majority of illegal aliens entering the United States do so on foot through the open expanse of America's Great American Desert. Thousands upon thousands of squalid trails mark the northward migration of [illegal immigrants] through some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth."

Illegal immigration into the U.S. is supported largely by the same people who believe in climate change and support a green agenda, but if they knew of the mess illegal immigrants regularly leave during their expeditions across America, would they think twice about backing their undocumented friends?

Several miles-long trails of garbage in the form of litter, dirty clothes, empty water bottles, and human waste is strewn in places in America heavily traveled by illegal immigrants. Basically, they're using U.S. land as a dumping ground, even as they willingly break the law searching for a new life at the American taxpayer's expense.

Democratic California Senator Barbara Boxer put together a piece of legislation under the guise of environmental protection, which forbade border patrol from accessing a large portion of the southwest U.S. and Mexican border heavily traveled by illegal immigrants. In reality, the law was designed to protect migrating undocumented immigrants from law enforcement, not to preserve the land, as illegal immigrants routinely litter and defecate on these trails.

In short, Boxer lied to further her agenda, and so far she's gotten away with it.

People coming from south of the border have also gone as far as to set forest fires to divert attention away from their illicit activities. It has been speculated that illegal immigrants started the Alpine Fire, which has been named as one of the most devastating land fires in American history.

To take a turn into more sinister territory, illegal immigration into the U.S. comes with dire consequences that are rarely, if ever, are talked about on a national scale. Illegal aliens are responsible for a plethora of crimes, most of which take place near where they cross.

"Violent crime is rampant along the US / Mexican border. This crime is not simply a few 'undocumented migrants' seeking cool water and opening a tap. Homes are entered, ransacked, and the occupants murdered."

However, this does not mean these murderers are shedding their violent tendencies at the border. They're just as likely to commit atrocities within America as they are in the places they come from.

According to Daily Beast, it's a common speculation that the girls being murdered in Ciudad Juárez were being kept as sex slaves, which brings us to another huge problem linked to illegal immigration into the U.S.: human trafficking.

As if the illicit drugs crossing the border isn't enough of a cause for concern, sex slavery involves the transportation of something far more valuable: human life. Unfortunately, the lives that fall victim to this dreadful lifestyle are treated less than human as their bodies are continuously abused, and their minds toyed with.

Females as young as six are kidnapped either by trickery or force and transported across the country as they're put up for sale and used over and over again.

The victims of human trafficking are modern day slaves and a large number of them, once they are trapped by the pimps who own them, will die a slave.

Border Patrol supporters make it clear on their website that America's elite politicians are 100 percent aware of the dark realities surrounding illegal immigration into the U.S., and that includes human trafficking.

"Please remember that 'people' in power government know full well about everything in this section. They ignore it. They think they have a higher calling and so a few dozen or a few hundred dead eight year old girls won't stand in their way."

Weak border security in America is not a secret to people living in other parts of the world, a fact that puts the lives of Americans in danger, because if you think foreign terrorists are not taking advantage of our current substandard methods of surveillance on our perimeter, you're kidding yourself.

Earlier this year, Judicial Watch reported on disturbing Islamic terror-linked activity going on in the midst of illegal immigration into the U.S. According to the report, a terrorist named Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir is heading an ISIS training camp near the border with Mexico, and for one reason or another, he's able to travel back and forth between the two countries quite easily.

Judicial Watch claims they obtained this information from an elite Homeland Security officer.

Khabir, a 52-year-old originally from Kuwait, is on record gloating about how easy it is to conduct his business due to America's poorly secured southern border, claiming he "could get in with a handful of men, and kill thousands of people in Texas or in Arizona in the space of a few hours."

As with human trafficking, the U.S. government has to be aware that jihadists are counting on inadequate security at the border to come into our land, and there's a very good chance some have succeeded in doing just that.

You may be interested in the little-known fact that illegal immigrants have Social Security benefits, and not only that, but they get the same SS benefits as a U.S. citizen by working for far less than an American is required to work. While a legal citizen must work for a full decade before claiming SS, an undocumented citizen only has to work for one and a half years for the same payoff.

Seems a bit unfair, don't you think?

Illegal immigration into the U.S. is not the stuff of dreams, as many progressive Americans would like to imagine. Laws are being broken, land is being trashed, and people are being raped and murdered. It's time to dedicate some common sense to the situation, which is one reason why Americans voted for Donald Trump to be our next president.

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