NES Classic Mini Edition Sold Out Almost Everywhere — Nintendo Promises More Consoles, But Scalpers Ruining It For Everyone

As expected, the NES Classic Mini Edition is a huge hit among consumers. The only problem? Scalpers are making them hard to enjoy.

Nintendo has released its NES Classic Mini Edition to stores and websites. A much smaller version of its former glory, the system comes with everything that made it as popular as it was years ago. Equipped with 30 pre-installed games, it’s a quick trip to 8-bit lands and simplified controls. Fans new and old were eagerly awaiting its release, but it’s becoming clear that waiting to jump on the NES Classic will be costly.

Nostalgia for the NES Classic Mini Edition has buyers rushing to stores to pick up the coveted item. Whether it be a gift for holidays, a nod to the past, or a new experience for the uninitiated, the Nintendo holds classics that can satisfy the thirst of gamers whose preference in genre vary. As reported previously by the Inquisitr, players can get a full view of the past with old games that avid gamers have heard of and love. But while there’s something for everyone, greed has hopeful gamers clutching their wallets with caution.

As with many things, scalpers are jumping at the chance to make a buck. The NES Classic Mini Edition is no exception. Many are buying the systems for selfish gain. They’re purchasing as many systems as they can, posting them online, and jacking up the prices due to supply and demand. According to Gamerant, consumers have increased the price tag on the NES Classic by more than 200 percent.

This practice has been going on for quite a while, and it’s a bane to those who actually want to enjoy the system without spending hundreds of dollars on an overpriced grab. eBay is a perfect example of this. The NES Classic Mini Edition retails at $59.99, but there are users asking for more than $200 for it. Furthermore, some are charging thousands of dollars for the nostalgic console. Morality aside, this type of behavior makes it hard for others. With this in mind, the only way to secure an item would be to pre-order it. People should have the right to wait, but the scalper tactic almost forces a consumer to make the choice without enough time to weigh options.

Thankfully, it appears that Nintendo has taken notice of the low supply and high demand. A report by ARS Technica shows that Nintendo has issued a statement in regard to supplying more NES Classic Edition systems through the holidays.

Nintendo had this to say to those looking to get their hands on the NES Classic Edition, taking to Twitter and reassuring customers that they were aware of the shortage.

“The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition system is a hot item, and we are working hard to keep up with consumer demand. There will be a steady flow of additional systems through the holiday shopping season and into the new year. Please contact your local retailers to check product availability. A selection of participating retailers can be found at”

This isn’t the first time that Nintendo has had this issue, though. It appears that they’re quite popular for this trend, leading consumers to wonder if this is intentional. While scalpers are partially to blame, it’s clear that there was a lack of foresight on Nintendo’s part. The Nintendo 3DS XL handheld systems also suffer this type of shortage, and it’s also being speculated that the Nintendo Switch will fall to the same fate. It’s speculation, and hopefully, consumers won’t be subjected to the low of having a tedious search for hot items like the NES Classic system.

What are your thoughts on the NES Classic Mini Edition and its low supply, high demand? Do you believe that it’s justified for consumers to increase the cost on systems because they purchased it first? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Kim White/Nintendo of America/Getty Images]