Lea Michele Pregnant? Glee Star Spotted With Potential Baby Bump [Rumor]

Rumors that Lea Michele is pregnant are swirling around after the Glee star was spotted wearing baggy clothes with a hint of what could be a baby bump.

Lea stepped out on her way to the Bellacures Nail Salon in Studio City, California, reportedly trying to hide a bulge around her stomach with a huge purse, reports Rumor Fix.

While it’s unlikely that the brunette beauty is actually pregnant, shocking pregnancies in Hollywood are nothing new. The Examiner notes that the Glee star was simply looking casual, since other photos of her in the past week show no hint of a bump at all.

Lea Michele is currently dating her on-screen Glee co-star Cory Monteith, meaning that if the star is pregnant, Monteith would be her baby daddy.

More than likely, the “baby bump” spotted by Rumor Fix and other paparazzi on Sunday was simply a food baby. While a baby isn’t completely out of the question for the 26-year-old actress, her timing would be bad.

Michele and Monteith are currently working on filming for Glee. The actress is also planning to release a solo album in the near future. The Examiner’s Effie Orfanides writes of the rumor:

“… it is more likely that Lea was just bloated—a food baby if you will … She probably wouldn’t want to have a baby now, given the fact that her career is really taking off. She also isn’t married, and while that’s not always a necessity for some celebs, Lea seems like she wants to do things in the correct order. Naturally mistakes happen, but this was probably a tricky camera angle.”

Check out the photo of Lea Michele’s reported baby bump here and let us know, do you think the Glee star is pregnant, or simply harboring a food baby?