Miss Howard Stern DUI: Andrea Ownbey Busted For Drink Driving

The reigning “Miss Howard Stern” was arrested for DUI earlier this month, reveals a new report by TMZ.

29-year-old Andrea Ownbey crashed into another car and didn’t even realize it, according to the police report obtained by TMZ. Ownbey, who has been the proud holder of the Miss Howard Stern pageant title since 2002, hit the other car while drunkenly cruising streets around Chattanooga, Tennessee sometime after 10pm on October 8.

Ownbey was found by a cop close to the scene of the accident. When he heard the crash, the officer rushed to Ownbey’s smashed car and found the beauty queen, who stunk of booze, attempting to reassemble her cell phone. In the report, the officer describes how:

“[Ownbey] was not aware that she had been in a traffic crash.”

And things would get worse for Miss Howard Stern. Although she told the cop she had drunk only two glasses of wine before getting behind the wheel, Ownbey’s story didn’t add up: she comfortably failed a field sobriety test, while a breathalyzer test administered at a local hospital saw her score a.178 – that’s some way over the legal limit of.08.

A search of the car turned up more bad news for Ownbey: cops found a bag of weed, along with a weed pipe and an assortment of prescription drugs.

After being treated at hospital, Miss Howard Stern was carted off to a nearby jail, where she was charged with DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance and driving while in possession. The result of which was this snap for the Ownbey family album:

Miss Howard Stern DUI - Andrea Ownbey Busted For Drink Driving 1

Ownbey, who was crowned Miss Howard Stern back in 2002, seems bemused by the coverage afforded to her drink driving antics. Writing on her Twitter account, the blonde said:

TMZ contacted the driver of the car Ownbey slammed into. He told the site that Andrea came “flying out of nowhere” and rear-ended his Jeep, which was written off in the collision. TMZ also approached Ownbey for comment, but there has been no response so far.

Ownbey holds the Miss Howard Stern title to this day, on the account that the beauty pageant has not been repeated in the last decade.

She has been declared a member of the “Wack Pack,” a group of people who appear on the show who tend to be unusual or unconventional in some way. Stern has previously stated all Wack Packers share an inability to understand why they’re funny.

Her “Miss Howard Stern” title means Ownbey has made numerous appearances on Stern’s show. Her first appearance on the shock jock’s show was also her most famous, mainly because she was valiantly dubbed the “World’s Dumbest Stripper” by Stern. The cruel nickname came about after Ownbey, a stripper at the time, scored an 88 on an IQ test she had taken prior to going on air:

Since Miss Howard Stern’s DUI arrest, Ownbey has spent most of her time thanking Twitter followers for their words of encouragement over her charge.

The Dalton, Georgia born native does have some colorful history where auto accidents are concerned. In July 2009, Ownbey was involved in an almost fatal car crash, when she smashed her car into a telephone pole.

The accident left her with a metal plate in her head after both she and her passenger were thrown from the vehicle, with Ownbey hitting the ground head first. As her elder sister later revealed in a call to the Howard Stern show, Ownbey was given only a 2% chance of survival due to the substantial amount of fluid pressure on her brain and a fractured skull. Doctors inserted the metal plate in Miss Howard Stern’s head to aid in reconstruction, and Ownbey later shared a picture of herself in her hospital bed with fans.

However, that particular brush with death seems to have done little to warn Ownbey about the perils of the road.

Ownbey’s association with Stern remains the biggest source of her fame. Aside from her appearances on the shock jock’s infamous radio show, she has appeared in a four-episode reality TV show on Howard TV.