Texans Prepare For Doomsday With Luxury Underground Bunker Complete With Golf Course

Forget gated communities, one developer is offering the rich and famous the chance to ride out the apocalypse in a fortress resort complete with air-lock blast doors.

Wealthy Texans worried about a zombie apocalypse, liberal uprising, disease outbreak, Russian invasion, terrorist attack, or asteroid strike can now rest easy thanks to a planned fortress community.

The small town of Ector is home to a massive underground bunker capable of sheltering wealthy Texans, celebrities, and pro-athletes from doomsday events for 200 years, Trident Lakes spokesperson Richie Whitt told the Herald-Democrat.

“It’s not just a hole in the ground to hide in – it’s going to be one of the most plush resorts in all of Texas, if not America.”

Trident Lakes is a $300 million development project covering 700 subterranean acres designed to house 1,600 people and enough supplies to keep them fed and watered in luxurious style. The list of luxury amenities planned for the underground community reads like an advertisement for a five-star resort.

The community will come complete with an 18-hole golf course, spa, gun range, zip line, shopping complex, polo fields, fine dining restaurants, three white-sand lagoons, a chapel, and a shopping center.

There will be a series of helipads so the rich and famous can stay connected with other elites around the world while the rest of the country suffers through doomsday, lead investor James O’Connor told the Daily Mail.

“We’re not looking at just putting all our residents underground; we’re looking to put together a beautiful place to live that’s also secure.”

[Image by meteo160/iStock]
[Image by meteo160/iStock]

The luxury compound, surrounded by a 12-foot curtain wall dotted with watchtowers, will also boast a DNA vault where residents can deposit their genetic material to ensure the survival of their family. The planned development will eventually boast 400 condos, which have most of their living space underground, topped by a balcony overlooking one of the gorgeous lakes.

Developers have carefully situated the underground bunker outside what they call they danger zone allowing wealthy Texans, celebrities, and pro-athletes the ability to ride out a dirty bomb or other doomsday event, Whitt told the Herald-Democrat.

“People are getting fearful of this world – there’s ISIS, there are things like Zika virus to race relation and the police brutality they see on TV – people are nervous. People want a place they can have safety for themselves and for the future of their families.”


The compound will feature off-the-grid power generators, an underground tunnel complex, and air purification system. Investors worried about the end of the world can snatch up a condo in the second and third phases for six-digit figures, but the initial offering is by invite only, Whitt told the Herald-Democrat.

“Part of the beauty of Trident Lakes and part of the reason it’s going to exist and be popular is the anonymity of it.”

The investor group Vintuary Holdings has bought land in Ohio for another underground fortress community and plan to expand the idea of a luxury bunker to other states.

[Image by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images]
[Image by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images]

The company already has six doomsday bunkers in America and one in Germany, and the idea is spreading, Jeff Schlegelmilch, deputy director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, told the Daily Mail.

“It’s definitely something, anecdotally, that we’re seeing more and more of.”

Vintuary Holdings aren’t the only ones building underground bunkers and fortified panic rooms for the wealthy to ride out doomsday in. Vivos, in Germany, constructed one of the world’s most fortified shelters underneath a limestone mountain.

In Indiana, a Cold War-era communications facility has been retrofitted to house a luxury bomb shelter capable of protecting the wealthy elite for up to a year. In New York, the rich and powerful have started to invest in fortified panic rooms they can hide out in, in case of a massive uprising or civil unrest.

What do you think of the luxury underground bunker of tomorrow that wealthy Texans can live in today?

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