Cute Baby Elephant Rescued, Reunited With Mother [Video]

After a brief standoff with a worried mother, a group of human rescuers managed to save a baby elephant trapped in a hole from certain death, and watched as it ran a great length to reunite with its mother in touching fashion.

The heartwarming video of confrontation, rescue, and reunion took place at Amboseli National Park in Kenya and the video started to amass significant views on Thursday, according to The Sideshow.

As the video begins, the mother of the baby elephant can be seen frantic, as if trying to save her offspring from well, dug by local tribesman. Filming was a group of elephant conservationists who were there to help, though at first the mother resisted, almost sitting on the Land Rover the group drove as the conservationists worked to move her out of the way. A woman with the group yells in a high-pitched voice, and the mother and another adult African elephant run off, allowing the group to get to work.

The conservationists attached a rope, with some difficulty, to the baby elephant and tied the other end to the Land Rover. They tried several times to pull the youth out without success, but once it was out, it was off. The baby elephant immediately breaks into a sprint across the land to find its mother and as the video ends, mother and baby elephant are together again.

The Associated Press reports that Vicki Fishlock of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants is the woman in the vehicle. The two men were not identified. The video highlights the struggles between man and beast in Africa. Tribesmen dug the well, and had the rescue group not showed up, the baby elephant would have died, contributing to species loss and ruining the well in the process.

“We are delighted by the web response to our video, and we hope it persuades people that elephants are special and deserve to be protected and cherished,” Fishlock said.

As of Sunday night, the video of the baby elephant rescue had 882,314 views on Youtube.