WWE Spoilers: Injured Superstar To Make 'Miraculous' Recovery And Return On 'Raw' Tonight

Last week at WWE Payback, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns battled in a vicious match that saw Strowman cause further injuries to Roman. After the match, Reigns was able to dodge a charging Braun, and the Monster Among Men crashed through the door of an ambulance, tearing his rotator cuff.

This week's Monday Night Raw is taking place in London and is actually taping this afternoon, but it won't air until tonight in the United States. PWInsider reported that on tonight's show, Braun Strowman will make a "miraculous" recovery from his torn rotator cuff and return to fight Kalisto on the show.

It is an interesting move but plays well into what the WWE has built as their most successful monster heel in years. Braun Strowman seems almost unbeatable, despite suffering the only clean loss of his career earlier this year to Roman Reigns.

WWE Spoilers: Injured Superstar To Make 'Miraculous' Recovery And Return On 'Raw' Tonight
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Since that loss, Braun Strowman has rolled over everyone who got in his way. The only signs of weakness were walking away from fights with both The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar on two separate occasions. However, after WrestleMania 33, Braun Strowman destroyed Roman Reigns in a backstage attack and pinned him clean at Payback last week.

After Braun Strowman destroyed Roman Reigns on Monday Night Raw, Reigns was not on TV again until the Payback pay-per-view on the WWE Network. The night after that event, neither Roman nor Braun Strowman was on Monday Night Raw, and the show suffered its lowest television ratings of the year.

While Braun Strowman is advertised to show up tonight or his match with Kalisto, there is nothing promoting Roman Reigns being on Monday Night Raw tonight. However, there is always the chance that Roman could show up for a brawl.

Both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman are in Europe for this tour. In a moment of questionable decision making, Titus O'Neil posted a photo on Twitter of the two wrestlers enjoying the sites in Rome, a photo that was quickly deleted when people started to point out that two blood enemies were together happily.

There are also reports coming from the untelevised live events throughout Europe that saw Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns brawling at the event, although neither were booked for matches. Much like the recent house live shows in the United States, those brawls almost always end with Roman Reigns putting Braun Strowman through a table with a spear.

Having Braun Strowman return for a match just one week after the torn rotator cuff goes even further in establishing him as a monster in the WWE. This is especially true if Roman Reigns continues to sit out with his injuries. This might be a way for the WWE to paint Roman as the sympathetic face and the more relatable character for fans to latch onto.

WWE Spoilers: Injured Superstar To Make 'Miraculous' Recovery And Return On 'Raw' Tonight
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Against Kalisto, Braun Strowman will continue to do one of the things he has mastered. Braun is a master when working with smaller guys who can sell a beating. He did it with Sami Zayn, and now he is working that angle with Kalisto.

On the secondary storyline, this Braun Strowman vs. Kalisto match for Monday Night Raw plays into their ongoing feud. Strowman threw Kalisto in the garbage a few weeks ago, which led to their Dumpster Match. That match ended with Kalisto winning by knocking an overconfident Strowman into the dumpster before Braun destroyed him in revenge.

If the Monday Night Raw rematch between the two is a basic one-on-one match, expect Braun Strowman to turn in another dominating performance -- at least until Roman Reigns makes his presence known, if that happens at all.

While Monday Night Raw is taking place this afternoon in London, fans in the United States can catch it at its regular time of 8 p.m. EST on the USA Network.

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