Trident Lakes: Subterranean Doomsday Prepper Village Being Built In Ector, Texas

A $300 million subterranean doomsday prepper village is being built in Ector, Texas. The Trident Lakes retreat in the rural region of the state will encompass 700 acres of land.

The group of investors involved in the Trident Lakes doomsday village plan on constructing enough bunkers to comfortably house more than 1,000 people. If a massive disaster strikes, the prepper residents of the subterranean village will be riding out doomsday in the lap of luxury.

Trident Lakes comes complete with an underground gun range, multiple white sand lagoons, and an equestrian range, the Daily Mail reports. Even though the upscale prepper doomsday village is being built almost entirely underground, it will still be easy to spot with the naked eye.

A massive 50-foot tall Poseidon water fountain is being constructed on top of the subterranean Trident Lakes complex in Ector. The water fountain can be seen from nearby Highway 65.

The project developers feel they have tapped into a hole in the Texas prepper market.

“The initial perception is that it’s defined as a doomsday scenario,” Vintuary Holdings CEO, James O’Conner, said. “I’m trying to change the perception to a long-term sustainable community, with the concept of a 200-year community.”

Vintuary Holdings represents the group of investors who are backing the Texas doomsday project. Trident Lakes is definitely different than most prepper retreats or survival compounds. The Ector, Texas subterranean village also boasts a golf course, shopping complex, multiple restaurants, zipline, and even a spa.

“We’re not looking at just putting all our residents underground; we’re looking to put together a beautiful place to live that’s also secure,” O’Connor added. “We think we have defined an untapped market.”

A network of underground tunnels and roads are being constructed and will link together the entire complex. Trident Lakes residents will be able to traverse the tunnels and roads to reach a row of helipads and the polo fields, among other amenities.

Residents with a desire to “replicate themselves” or concerned about “family sustainability” will likely take advantage of the on-site DNA vault.

“You can take DNA and preserve it, where if something should happen, then technology down the road could take DNA and replicate a person,” Trident Lake spokesman, Richie Whitt, said. “It’s kind of science fictiony but it’s also not that far in the future.”

James O’Conner said some celebrities have already expressed interest with buying a spot in the village. They were reportedly lured to the project due to the serene environment it offers and the sense of privacy they would enjoy.

A 12-foot wall will be built around the 700 acres. Security towers will also be constructed and manned at all times. Trident Lakes has already garnered all permits necessary to move forward. Those who secure a spot inside the doomsday village are projected to be able to take up residence in 2018.

Approximately 400 condos are slated to be constructed under Ector. A total of 90 percent of the living space in the condos will be underground, Fox 40 News reports. The price of the condos, which come complete with a balcony view of the lakes, is expected to be in the mid-six figures. The water, air-purification, and energy resources which will sustain the underground complex are all entirely off grid.

Vintuary Holdings has also bought land in Ohio to develop a similar subterranean doomsday community. The investors would ultimately like to expand the project to a host of states. The California-based Vivos Group, currently operate six communities similar to Trident Lakes in the United States, and one in Germany.

“It’s definitely something, anecdotally, that we’re seeing more and more of,” National Center or Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University Deputy Director, Jeff Schlegelmilch, said. “The aggregate of individual preparedness translates into greater community preparedness, and the aggregate of community preparedness leads to greater national preparedness.”

The Trident Lakes creators emphasized for the sustainable community to work, the residents must be able to rely on one another. Residents with a variety of skill sets will be necessary to maintain the complex after a major disaster strikes, Whitt also noted.

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