'The Sims 4: Pets' DLC Release Date Nears As More Codes Referencing Cats And Dogs Found In Game Files

More evidence pointing to the launch of The Sims 4: Pets DLC has been found, adding to the already existing lines of codes for cats and dogs. The two animals are being cemented into the game over time, but horses, which were referenced to at first, are still nowhere to be found.

This information comes from The Sims 4 modder TwistedMexi who discovered some animation codes in the game files. According to SimsCommunity, cats and dogs will be able to walk on bars, counters, tables, refrigerators, and beds. These are the only surfaces that cats and dogs will be able to walk on right now, but there is no telling how much more will be supported in the coming months.

Codes referencing dogs found in The Sims 4 game files
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The Sims 4: Pets rumors started as early as March 2016. Strictly speaking, veterans have been anticipating for it since the game was released. After all, the Expansion Pack that brought pets was a hit in the second and third installment.

Back to The Sims 4, it was only when the first references to animals were found in the game files in January that fans became sure that it was happening. The toddler patch, which was missing from launch, also brought the first codes that contain other species such as cats and dogs. Horses were mentioned once, leading many to assume that it will come once the Game Pack comes around.

As weeks passed, more and more references to cats and dogs were found as The Sims 4 got updated. Horses, unfortunately, seem to have been forgotten by EA completely. It is possible that it was intended to be included but was then later scrapped. It is also possible that the code is still incomplete and more references to horses will be added later on. A collection of codes uncovered so far by SimsCommunity can be found here.

Horses may not come to The Sims 4
Horses in The Sims 3 [Image by Electronic Arts]

Another hint to The Sims 4: Pets' arrival, apart from TwistedMexi's discovery, was a survey about future DLCs. iDigitalTimes reported that there were four choices and one of them is about pets, specifically, small pets. Cats and dogs were not included here. Instead, its description mentioned guinea pigs, birds, ferrets, and reptiles. As cats and dogs are not generally small, it is understandable why they were not part of the package.

The other three options were Dream Jobs, where Sims can become a villain or an astronaut; Beauty Salon, where Sims can put up their salon and offer waxing, manicures and more; and Summer Holidays, where Sims can go on a vacation to the beach.

So far, these are the only hints to The Sims 4: Pets DLC. At this point, though, it may be safe to say that it is definitely coming to the game. The only question that remains is when.

The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff Pack promo image
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The last DLC to arrive in The Sims 4 was the Bowling Night Stuff on March 29. Up next is a Game Pack that follows the Vampires Game Pack released on January 24. This time, it revolves around the family theme. EA has not yet announced specifics, but it is reportedly coming before spring ends.

Then there is also another Stuff Pack coming this fall. This one is a product of The Sims and the community who participated in the recent polls conducted by EA. The theme that won was Eco-Living, and the art style that was chosen is as shown below. Players will then vote on the objects and clothing to be included from May 18 to 21. In the coming months, they will be able to vote on the features, the icon, and the title.

As EA seems to be busy with these upcoming DLCs, The Sims 4: Pets may still be far from being ready for launch. Hopefully, fans will see it before the year ends.

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