Watch April The Giraffe And Baby Tajiri As Animal Adventure Park Cam Is Live Today [Video]

It's Tuesday, May 9, 2017, and that means the live webcam featuring April the giraffe and her baby calf Tajiri will go live today. The Animal Adventure Park, located in Harpursville, New York, first set up the live giraffe cam in February to share April's pregnancy with the world. After going viral and the birth of Tajiri on April 15, 2017, the park decided to limit the live cam to Tuesdays between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET. You may watch April the giraffe and Tajiri live via the cam below.

At 4 p.m. ET, the live cam featured above will automatically begin playing the live feed. You may also watch other videos in the playlist that the Animal Adventure Park shared, including Tajiri's birth videos. The AAP shut down the 24/7 cam as they are preparing to open the park on May 13 for their fifth season. In a recent Facebook live video, park owner Jordan Patch took viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the park. As Harpursville has had inclement weather, it is unclear whether all of the new park's exhibits will be finished in time for opening day. You may watch the Facebook live video that includes a tour of the giraffe barn with April, Oliver, and their baby calf Tajiri below.

The live giraffe cam went viral in February after millions began tuning in to see when April would go into active labor. When the cam went live on Feb. 10, 2017, it was initially believed April only had two or more weeks to go before her calf was born. According to owner Jordan Patch, giraffes are masters at hiding their labors and deliveries as a way to protect their young from predators. April proved that even though she had delivered three calves previous to Tajiri, she was still a master at the art. No one knew she was ready to deliver until about an hour before she gave birth on April 15, 2017. Bets were made, the full moon had been watched, and people's predictions came and went. April gave birth when she was ready to and not one minute sooner. Once the alert had been sent that April's calf's hooves were sticking out, the Internet went crazy.

Here's a Facebook live video showing Jordan Patch announcing April's active labor. Everyone could relate to his enthusiasm. After all, millions had waited for that moment for months.

If you missed the live birth, you can watch it online and on demand. There were two streams broadcasting April the giraffe's labor and birth of her calf Tajiri. The first stream was on YouTube, and the full feed is included in the playlist above. The Facebook live feed of April the giraffe's calf's birth was at a better angle and provided better coverage of the birth event. There were three Facebook live streams in total. You may watch all them below. Each of the birth videos has been viewed over one million times.

After April the giraffe's calf Tajiri was born, many people continued to watch the live cam on YouTube. Some people shared on social media how they thought their addiction to April would subside after the baby was born. They reported that they were watching the cam for greater lengths because they didn't want to miss any of the calf's first moments. The live cam continued streaming and the Animal Adventure Park shared new photos and videos of Tajiri, including Tajiri's first-time steps and first time outside. You may watch those videos below.

The Animal Adventure Park then made the decision to cut the live giraffe cam to devote attention to preparing for Animal Adventure Park's opening day. They shared a video where they thanked fans for watching the live giraffe cam and said goodbye. It wasn't much longer after that when Jordan Patch announced they would bring back the live cam on Tuesdays only.

You may see more photos and videos from the Animal Adventure Park below. Check out the latest updates and news as well.

Are you going to watch April the giraffe, Oliver, and their baby calf Tajiri on the live cam today? Do you miss watching the giraffe cam on a daily basis? Will you visit the Animal Adventure Park in person after opening day? Feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions in the section below.

[Featured Image by Humpata/Shutterstock]