‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Reveal Huge Storylines In Season 7

The Walking Dead Season 7 has gotten mixed reviews so far. However, episodes four through eight promise to pick up the pace as the show heads towards the mid-season finale. Recently, spoilers for the remaining episodes in the first half of the season have been leaked, and it looks like some big drama may be on the way.

Warning: Major Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers below.

According to the International Business Times, this week’s episode will finally show Rick and his group back at Alexandria. This will be the first time that Walking Dead fans have seen Rick, Michonne, Carl, and the others since Negan brutally killed Abraham and Glenn in the Season 7 premiere. The episode will also feature more of Negan and Daryl as The Saviors come to Alexandria to collect their supplies and bring Daryl with them.

The report reveals that Negan will further break Rick’s spirit by forcing him to carry around his baseball bat, Lucille, the same weapon that he used to kill Glenn and Abraham. He’ll also use Daryl as a tool to get to Rick. When Rick tries to reconnect with Daryl, he’ll find that Daryl is acting like Negan’s submissive slave, and even loading up Alexandria goods into The Savior’s trucks.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Negan continues to torture Rick.
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iTech Post reports that episodes five through eight of The Walking Dead Season 7 will be just as intense. In the fifth episode, Maggie and Sasha will arrive at The Hilltop. This is where the doctor is who can possibly help Maggie with her pregnancy. In the comic book series, Maggie decides to move out of Alexandria and stay at the Hilltop following Glenn’s death. She fits in well with the people there, and eventually becomes their leader.

In The Walking Dead‘s sixth episode of Season 7, fans will see the Oceanside community for the first time. This plot will finally reveal where Tara and Heath ended up when they went out for a run and were never seen again. During their journey, they’ll come across the Oceanside survivors. Oceanside will reportedly become aligned with Alexandria, The Kingdom, and The Hilltop in the future. Sadly, spoilers reveal that either Tara or Heath will die in this episode.

The shocking seventh episode of the season will see Rick lose his mind over Negan’s mental torture. Rick will decide that he can no longer live under Negan’s thumb and he will resort to very drastic measures in order to get Negan out of his life. Rick will reportedly set Alexandria on fire. The report doesn’t reveal if the community will be completely destroyed or not, but it does seem that significant damage will be done.

Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Negan kill Spencer in Season 7 mid-season finale?
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In The Walking Dead‘s Season 7’s mid-season finale, viewers will watch as Rick will finally come up with a plan to kill Negan. Alexandria and The Hilltop will likely work together on the plan. However, since Negan is still alive in the comic book series, it seems safe to say that Rick’s plan will not work. Although, he may be able to make some progress in getting The Saviors out of their lives.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, another death is likely coming in the mid-season finale. In the comic book series, the character of Spencer wants to overthrow Rick as the leader of Alexandria, and he asks for Negan’s help to do so. When Spencer asks Negan to kill Rick, Negan gets offended by Spencer’s lack of guts, and proceeds to kill him. This could very likely happen in episode 8, and leave fans shocked until Season 7 resumes in February.

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