Pregnant Joseline Hernandez Baby Update On Instagram, Makes Shocking Revelation About Stevie J

Frank Yemi

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez has been keeping fans up-to-date with her pregnancy. Joseline revealed that she is about 32 weeks pregnant on Instagram and the Puerto Rican Princess does not let her growing baby bump get in her way of a good workout.

Joseline tearfully attacked Stevie J for claiming that they are not married in the finale of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Both parties failed to produce a marriage certificate when asked by other cast member and producers.

In a shocking revelation, Joseline Hernandez admits that she was never married to Stevie J, according to Bossip. "The parties were not married at the time of conception," Joseline admitted in the affidavit.

Stevie J has stated publicly that he does not think that he is the father of the child. Stevie J is currently battling a child support case for some of his other children and he has filed a restraining order against Joseline for slander and trying to ruining his reputation.

The Puerto Rican Princess has accused Stevie Jordan of molesting his daughter and being a devil worshiper. Stevie J responded by stating that Joseline Hernandez is not her real name and she is 10 years older that she claims.

"So here's what you do: you turn on that sweet disposition and you make sure you call him 'Steebie' and you bat your eyelashes and you tell him, 'You don't know where wrong has gone wrong but you just want to make it right. Can you come over? You're bringing lunch.' And then you show up, in one of those Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz outfits. Oh, that works. And bring lunch, but not in a brown bag, bring it in one of those wooden baskets, like old school style. You know, like you're really there to make up. But you're really there to be devious."

Last month, Joseline's friend and Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star let it slip that Joseline is having a baby girl in an interview. Stevie J has stated that he will let the court decide visitation and child support because he has no interest in having a relationship with Joseline.

There are also rumors that Young Dro may be appearing in Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, which is a perfect setup for a love rivalry. Stevie is yet to respond to Joseline's request for a DNA test, it is not clear at this point whether Joseline can force Stevie to take a DNA test or wait until the child is born.

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