'The Sims Mobile': Electronic Arts Brings A Better Mobile Version Of The Sims Game To Android, iOS

Electronic Arts has just recently announced its newest The Sims game iteration called The Sims Mobile. The new mobile game will be available on the App Store and Google Play worldwide soon.

According to The Sims Team, the features of the new mobile game combines those from The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay. The team reveals that they have also introduced some brand-new features, including creating and customizing Sims, building homes, and shaping their legacy. The most exciting part is the mobile game can be played with friends as in a multi-player RPG game.

'The Sims Mobile' Features

The Sims Mobile game is developed by Maxis Studios, the same creators who did The Sims series and SimCity. Sims in the mobile game can be customized with distinct appearances, hairstyles, outfits and accessories. Personality traits can also be set with life goals and careers to choose from. Careers range from being a fashion designer, a club DJ, and a doctor. Some of the hobbies that can be set are cooking, guitar playing and writing. In The Sims series, these hobbies are actually skills that the Sims can build on in order to have better opportunities in their jobs and achieving their life goals. Hopefully, it would be the same in The Sims Mobile.

When building a home, Simmers will be offered personalized home layouts and designs. Furniture, appliances, and decorations, among others, can be chosen from a variety of items. Activities such as making tacos or thinking in the shower would need to be unlocked though. Unique actions like snuggling on the couch can be accessed by item combination. Plus, venues like a fashion studio, restaurants, and nightclubs can also be unlocked, probably through a waiting period, or of course, through in-app purchases.

The Sims Mobile allows Simmers to create deeper stories by building on their Sims' legacies.
[Image by Electronic Arts]

Another feature is the Sims' legacy. The Sims Mobile would be revolving on its Sims' families' generations. The Sims would need to accomplish career goals, and as in real life, they would need to retire. When career goals are accomplished, they will be rewarded with "Heirlooms," which would unlock hobbies and careers of future generations. This is exciting, as each family tree would have deeper stories to tell. Plus, Simmers can lead different lives through the generations in their respective Sims families.

Perhaps, the best thing about The Sims Mobile is its multiplayer feature. According to The Sims Team, interaction won't just be for the Sims in the game, but through actual Simmers who are playing The Sims Mobile.

"Host and attend parties with other Sims where you can socialize, show off your amazing house, earn rewards, develop romantic relationships, and even decide to move in with other people's Sims. Sims can also join big moments like The Alien Arrival. There are endless ways to make choices and connections!"
The Sims Mobile will enable Simmers to interact with other mobile users playing the game.
[Image by Electronic Arts]

'The Sims FreePlay' vs. 'The Sims Mobile'

While EA had previously released The Sims FreePlay in 2011, The Sims Mobile is different from it. According to iDigitalTimes, Firemonkeys and EA developed The Sims FreePlay. On the other hand, the makers of The Sims 4—Maxis and EA—developed The Sims Mobile. In addition, there weren't many choices for build customization and CAS in The Sims FreePlay. Meanwhile, The Sims Mobile has a body slider, taking after The Sims 4.
The Sims Team clarified that The Sims Mobile and The Sims FreePlay are entirely different games, each having its own unique experience. Both will exist separately in App stores. The good news is the new mobile game will be free to download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game will be supporting iOS 9.0 and above and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above.

Here's another secret, unless you already know. The Sims Mobile had a soft launch on Android and is now available for download on Google Play.


[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]