NBA Trade Rumors: John Wall To The Los Angeles Lakers?

Ernest Shepard

Los Angeles is buzzing these days. Not for the woebegone Los Angeles Rams, but fans are excited for the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers these days. The Clippers have been league's best team thus far. Somehow, the surprise of the NBA is the Lakers.

Nothing was expected for the Lakers this season, but they are currently 5-4. The Lakers fifth win was an impressive 101-91 come-from-behind victory (courtesy of the Los Angeles Times) over the Sacramento Kings. Excited Lakers' fans are thinking optimistic thoughts these days.

Shockingly enough, the Lakers did not get their fifth win last season until December 22, 2015. They had a 5-23 win-loss record at that time. Do not expect a repeat of last season's struggles, the Los Angeles Lakers are playing like a team.

All of the good feelings that the Lakers are giving the city of Los Angeles, it will not come as a stunner if they seek out some veteran help.

Trade rumors involving the Wizards and John Wall keep circulating in light of the team's trouble early on in the year. The Wizards are currently 2-5 and are surrounded by questions all around. It is something that the Lakers were hampered with last year.

How is the overall fit of the current Wizards' roster going to help the team going forward? That is the biggest question the Wizards are faced with now.

An experiment of a John Wall and Bradley Beal backcourt has had sub par results after four years. Some believe that the Wizards must trade one or the other in order to salvage anything. If the Wizards do decide to move one of their guards, it clearly will not be Beal. Bradley is in the first year of a huge $126 million deal (courtesy of SB Nation) he signed over the summer.

The money that the Wizards gave Beal showed their hand in terms of which player they see themselves committed to going forward. Signs of the Wizards becoming Beal's team is evident, and trading John Wall should be obvious.

There will be plenty of suitors for Wall, not just the Los Angeles Lakers. Other teams that will have an interest in Wall if the Wizards look to deal him could include the Dallas Mavericks, Orlando Magic, and San Antonio Spurs. Of those teams, the Lakers are arguably the most attractive option.

The Los Angeles Lakers are not winning the NBA championship this year, and they will not be hoisting a trophy next season either. What the Lakers are trying to do is build a consistent contender, which will determine which moves they make going forward. No one should expect the Lakers to get a huge coup this year, but adding a building block is not out of the question.

One of the most prominent of the NBA trade rumors that the Lakers were involved in was suggesting that they are going after Paul George. Bleacher Report went into detail regarding the Lakers' plans they were piecing together for the Indiana Pacers. Adding Paul George gives the Lakers a piece to their puzzle. It would be the same if the Lakers traded for John Wall.

Wall would be a piece that elevates the Los Angeles Lakers to the status of a solid playoff contender. It would guarantee that the Lakers make it to the postseason, but by having a player with all-star credentials, the Lakers would have a piece that could attract available free agents next summer.

Excitement and interest in the Los Angeles Lakers have returned. When most NBA observers felt that the Lakers will have some growing pains, the Lakers have proven the opposite by showing that they can be a good team. Making a trade for a star player will cement their status as a playoff contender.

If the Washington Wizards decide to trade guard John Wall, expect the Los Angeles Lakers to be one of the first teams on the phone. Wall could make a huge difference with the Lakers. The Clippers may not be the only star attraction in Los Angeles.

[Featured Image by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images]