Orlando Bloom Wants To Be Justin Bieber: Debuts Blonde Hair Amid Feud With Singer

Is Orlando Bloom trying to be like Justin Bieber?

According to a new report, Bloom is showing clear signs that he's very much influenced by Bieber's looks, having debuted his blond hair earlier this week, which Celeb Dirty Laundry, as cited by Gossip Cop, claims is very similar to Justin's.

The outlet is under the impression that Orlando Bloom is "obsessed" with the singer, who he infamously tried to fight over rumors that Justin had tried to hook up with the actor's then-wife Miranda Kerr.

Justin and Orlando still haven't made up since their nasty encounter two years ago. Since then, however, multiple news outlets have gotten the impression that the twosome are constantly trying to outdo one another.

Over the summer when Orlando Bloom's naked photos leaked on the internet, exactly one week later, nude pictures of Justin Bieber coincidentally happened to surface online, too.

Fans were quick to point out that Justin's revealing photo looks rather identical with Orlando's, giving the idea that the "Love Yourself" singer was subliminally throwing shade toward Bloom.

Regarding the new hairstyle, however, CDL explains, "Orlando Bloom debuted a new look that has critics wondering if he's going through a Justin Bieber transformation. In fact, the Hollywood actor looked eerily similar to the chart topper, who has long been his love rival in the tabloid media."

"He's been trying to prove to the world that whatever Justin can do, he can surely do better. But is transforming into someone who looks like Justin Bieber is going to help save Orlando Bloom's career?"
CDL continues to allege that with all the drama that has surrounded Bloom and Bieber in recent years, Orlando's sudden decision to debut a new hairstyle that looks very similar to Justin's is a clear attempt to outdo the singer and somewhat reignite their feud.

The outlet is convinced that Justin won't hesitate to respond to Orlando Bloom's hairstyle in a rather snarky way through his social media accounts. There's no denying that the singer doesn't like Orlando, not only for being falsely accused of hooking up with Miranda but also because Bloom was said to have had a fling with Selena Gomez.

After Bieber's breakup with Selena, Gomez and Orlando were alleged to have gotten together and became friends with benefits. Of course, whatever they had going on between one another didn't last very long, but it was enough to get Justin Bieber's blood boiling — so much that when the 23-year-old met Bloom, it didn't take long before punches were being thrown.

Luckily, the fight was separated before anybody got hurt, but ever since that altercation, both Justin and Orlando Bloom have taken endless shots against one another in a battle that doesn't seem to find an end.

Justin has not responded to Orlando's new look just yet, but the outlet in question seems certain that Bieber won't let an opportunity to diss Bloom go to waste — especially since the actor's new look is very identical to Bieber's style.

Looking into the history between Orlando and Justin's frosty encounters, what do you make of CDL claiming that Bloom is trying to outdo Bieber with his new hairstyle? Can you see certain similarities in Orlando's style that give off the thought he's trying to get under Justin's skin and provoke another feud?

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